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It's Not About Your Looks Quotes

Think of cocaine. In its natural form, as coca leaves, its appealing, but not to an extent that it usually becomes a problem. But refine it, purify it, and you get a compound that hits your pleasure receptors with an unnatural intensity. Thats when it becomes addictive. Beauty has undergone a similar process, thanks to advertisers.Evolution gave us a circuit that responds to good looks call it the pleasure receptor for our visual cortex and in our natural environment, it was useful to have. But take a person with one-in-a-million skin and bone structure, add professional makeup and retouching, and youre no longer looking at beauty in its natural form. Youve got pharmaceutical grade beauty, the cocaine of good looks.
— Ted Chiang —

Sometimes you lie, Forest. Sometimes its the right thing to do."
"I don't believe that, Ben."
"And why is that?"
"Because it always catches up with you."
"It doesn't, not always."
"It does."
"It's the truth, Ben."
"No, Forest, it's another kind of lie. If Lizzie draws you a picture of a catfish and it looks like a big hairy turd, what do you tell her? That it looks like shit? That you could draw a better fucking catfish with a crayon up your asshole? No, Forest, you tell her it's the most beautiful catfish you ever saw, don't you? Of course you do. Truth's a slippery slope sometimes.

— Jonathan Evison

Every one has there own way to expresss there selves if you have a problem don't tell them. They don't care its not your life you don't have to live with that decision so next time you want to tell someone there pericing is ugly or there makeup looks bad think about the the way you express yourself not everybody may like it but it is your decision knowbody elses. Be glad you are you.

— Noel Thielen

She is in particular interested in the Ennui predator. She very much likes its demeanor and coloring in the images. She understand she may not get that particular one, but perhaps one that resembles it? A young one?"
The Ennui predator. "Where did she find these images?"
"On your planet's holonet," Nuan Ara said helpfully.
We didn't have holonet. We had internet ... Oh. "So, the esteemed grandmother would like a kitten that looks like Grumpy Cat?" I picked up my laptop, typed in the image search for Grumpy Cat, and showed him the picture.
"I will see what I can do.

— Ilona Andrews

(This is how the iron law of bureaucracy installs itself at the heart of an institution. Most of the activities of any bureaucracy are devoted not to the organization's ostensible goals, but to ensuring that the organization survives: because if they aren't, the bureaucracy has a life expectancy measured in days before some idiot decision maker decides that if it's no use to them they can make political hay by destroying it. It's no consolation that some time later someone will realize that an organization was needed to carry out the original organization's task, so a replacement is created: you still lost your job and the task went undone. The only sure way forward is to build an agency that looks to its own survival before it looks to its mission statement. Just another example of evolution in action.)

— Charles Stross

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