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It's Been A Year Love Quotes

Although, fancifuls origin circa 1627 made me still love the word, even if Id ruined its applicability to my connection with Snarl. (I mean DASH!) Like, I could totally see Mrs. Mary Poppencock returning home to her cobblestone hut with the thatched roof in Thamesburyshire, Jolly Olde England, and saying to her husband, "Good sir Bruce, would it not be wonderful to have a roof that doesnt leak when it rains on our green shires, and stuff?" And Sir Bruce Poppencock would have been like, "I say, missus, youre very fanciful with your ideas today." To which Mrs. P. responded, "Why, Master P., youve made up a word! What year is it? I do believe its circa 1627! Lets carve the year we think on a stone so no one forgets. Fanciful! Dear man, you are a genius. Im so glad my father forced me to marry you and allow you to impregnate me every year.
— Rachel Cohn —

These new words were heard by my love; they persuaded it that the next day would not be different from what all the other days had been; that Gilberte's feeling for me, already too old to be able to change, was indifference; that in my friendship with Gilberte, I was the only one who loved. "It's true," my love answered, "there's nothing more to be done with this friendship, it won't change." And so, the very next day (or waiting for a public holiday if there was one coming up soon, or an anniversary, or the New Year perhaps, one of those days which are not like the others, when time makes a fresh start by rejecting the heritage of the past, by not accepting the legacy of its sorrows) I would ask Gilberte to give up our old friendship and lay the foundations of a new one.

— Marcel Proust

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