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It's Amazing How Quotes

Picking on another person in their mind justifies and makes their stature higher. People do it interracially. Its amazing how every race, every culture seems to have a culture they pick on.
— Rib Hillis —

It's amazing how easy the truth is to accept ... No matter how strange.

— K.C. Randall

It's amazing how many different roads we can take, but they all lead home.

— Jewel E. Ann

Kurt Cobain OD'd on heroin before committing suicide, but he also OD'd on fame. Cobain was like Basquiat: They both wanted to be famous, and were brilliant enough to make it happen. But then what? Drug addicts kill themselves trying to get that feeling they got from their first high, looking for an experience they'll never get again. In his suicide note, Cobain asked himself, "Why don't you just enjoy it?" and then answered, "I don't know!" It's amazing how much of a mindfuck success can be.

— Jay-Z

When you love somebody, or something, it's amazing how willing you are to overlook the flaws.

— Caroline Knapp

I got the blues thinking of the future, so I left off and made some marmalade. It's amazing how it cheers one up to shred orange and scrub the floor.

— D.H. Lawrence

It's amazing how many things you can do when you're just pretending.

— Kim Gordon

Anyone who has played the game professionally, you're always taught that the ball is the most important, most precious thing, so when the ball hits the ground, it's always a mad scramble. It's amazing how many times there is a fumble, and the person who recovers it initially doesn't walk away with the ball.

— Barry Sanders

It's amazing how fast generations lose sight of other generations. One of the first things the young composers who come to work with me say is that they want to write music people will like, instead of gaining their credentials by being rejected by the audience.

— Carlisle Floyd

I swear you are my fucking dream come true."
It's amazing how he can take the sweetest things, throw the word "fucking" in the middle of it, and I could melt into a puddle at his feet. If my panties weren't already off, I'd be dropping them after hearing him say that.

— Georgia Cates

It's amazing how much time one can spend in a garden doing nothing at all. I sometimes think, in fact, that the nicest part of gardening is walking around in a daze, idly deadheading the odd dahlia, wondering where on earth to squeeze in yet another impulse buy, debating whether to move the recalcitrant artemisia one more time, or daydreaming about where to put the pergola.

— Jane Garmey

It's amazing how we can do things simultaneously, like talking and not listening.

— Saul Gorn

I think the best thing about music is that someone could be writing a song that's so personal, and it tells so many other people's story at the same time. It kind of exemplifies that we are all kind of on the same wave[length] - it's amazing how comforting somebody else's story can be, because we have experienced their story in some way or another, and I can totally relate, and I get to feel that feeling and the expression of that emotion. I get to feel like as a listener, that somebody understands me, which is pretty incredible.

— Theresa Wayman

I've grown up watching and admiring Norm. Sherie actually starred in the first off-Broadway show I ever saw in New York, which was The Last Five Years. It's amazing how things come full-circle and how the community (once you hang around it long enough) grows smaller and smaller as it grows. Sharing the stage with these people is more than a dream come true it's so special. They're so warm and giving and offer the best advice. Sherie is very nice and maternal and nurturing.

— Tituss Burgess

It's amazing how many people are being fed because of this crazy little thing we started. We're feeding millions and it is not costing anyone anything.

— John Van Hengel

It's amazing how many people even today use a computer to do something you can do with a pencil and paper in less time.

— Richard P. Feynman

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