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Indonesian Quotes

There is at least one advantage to being an Indonesian citizen: With this countrys expanse of land and even greater expanse of sea, its not difficult finding space for ones grave.
— Pramoedya Ananta Toer —

Syed Muhammad Naquib Al-Attas Quotes: It is all too often the case with
It is all too often the case with certain types of scholars of Malay-Indonesian Islam, when dealing with Islamic texts such as the one in question in which they are confronted with a word they do not quite understand, that instead of admitting their failure to explain the word in the text as due to their own lack of understanding, they would proceed to conjure up some excuse for branding the word as an enigma, and then, because it is an enigma to them, they would proceed further to reject it with such pronouncements as: "it seems obvious that this puzzling word is due to a scribal error", so that they might suggest their own futile substitute.

— Syed Muhammad Naquib Al-Attas

Assembled in Gaza from Brazilian bioplastics, Turkish and Indonesian electronics, running Egyptian software and catching its time cues from an Israeli satellite, it commented on the world in ways its producers had failed to consider.
Come to salvation!

— Alex Jeffers

Pramoedya Ananta Toer Quotes: There is at least one advantage to being
There is at least one advantage to being an Indonesian citizen: With this country's expanse of land and even greater expanse of sea, it's not difficult finding space for one's grave.

— Pramoedya Ananta Toer

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Quotes: In response to the question do you favor
In response to the question "Do you favor or oppose making sharia law, or Islamic law, the official law of the land in our country?" the nations with the five largest Muslim populations-Indonesia (204 million), Pakistan (178 million), Bangladesh (149 million), Egypt (80 million), and Nigeria (76 million)-showed overwhelming support for sharia. To be precise, 72 percent of Indonesian Muslims, 84 percent of Pakistani Muslims, 82 percent of Bangladeshi Muslims, 74 percent of Egyptian Muslims, and 71 percent of Nigerian Muslims supported making sharia the state law of their respective societies. In two Islamic nations that are considered to be transitioning to democracy, the number of sharia supporters was even higher. Pew found that 91 percent of Iraqi Muslims and 99 percent of Afghan Muslims supported making sharia their country's official law.

— Ayaan Hirsi Ali

For a long time, the Indonesian government ignored 'The Act of Killing,' hoping it would go away.

— Joshua Oppenheimer

Let us see whether it is the New Order or me who will be the loser before Indonesian history. I have won. The New Order has fallen and my writings have been translated into 40 languages.

— Pramoedya Ananta Toer

Jessica Mauboy Quotes: My father is indonesian timorese my
My father is Indonesian Timorese, my mother Aboriginal Australian.

— Jessica Mauboy

Andrea Hirata Quotes: Indonesian writers are so far behind in
Indonesian writers are so far behind in terms of global exposure compared with the Philippines and Japanese writers.

— Andrea Hirata

If you don't pay bribes, people think you're odd. It's very sad. I cannot say that I'm proud to be an Indonesian. This is one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

— Edwin Soeryadjaya

Shortly after the 2004 Indonesian earthquake, I read that the earthquake had affected the rotation of the earth, shortening the length of our 24-hour day. Even though the change was extremely slight - only a few microseconds - I found the idea incredibly haunting.

— Karen Thompson Walker

Catholic schools in Indonesia routinely accept non-Catholic students, but exempt them from studying religion. Obama's school documents, though, wrongly list him as being Indonesian.

— Aaron Klein

I can't understand Urdu, Bahasa or Russian, but when the Pakistani Faiz, the Indonesian Rendra and the Russian Rosdentvensky declaim, I can feel the living throb of rhythm and music, the warmth and passion of their poetry, as do the hundreds, not a mere roomful, of poetry lovers in the audience.

— F. Sionil Jose

Allan Gurganus Quotes: After a sound public education i
After a sound public education, I attended Penn and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. After being drafted into the military and studying Indonesian, I emerged as a writer, not a painter.

— Allan Gurganus

Sri Mulyani Indrawati Quotes: I am still an indonesian citizen
I am still an Indonesian citizen.

— Sri Mulyani Indrawati

Sukarno Quotes: Not only should the indonesian people
Not only should the Indonesian people believe in God, but every Indonesian should believe in his own God.

— Sukarno

We are not facing great economic difficulties. The Indonesian people are faring reasonably well - just compare us to India or some other countries.

— Sukarno

The PBSI (Indonesian Badminton Association) have to work harder to widen the pool and find quality players. The present indifferent culture has to change.

— Taufik Hidayat

Rejuvenation of younger players should be the job of the Indonesian Badminton Association. But local competitions will help identify new talent.

— Taufik Hidayat

Taufik Hidayat Quotes: The indonesian brands arent interested
The Indonesian brands aren't interested in sports people, only movie stars, because they can get more exposure in the media.

— Taufik Hidayat

In Europe, they travel a lot lighter. I always joke that my Indonesian passengers bring their house and their neighbor's house.

— Tony Fernandes

Jeffrey Sachs Quotes: I think the imf helped to detonate the
I think the IMF helped to detonate the Indonesian crisis.

— Jeffrey Sachs

When you have a foreign invasion - in this case by the Indonesian army - writers, intellectuals, newspapers and magazines are the first targets of repression.

— Antonio Tabucchi

The Indonesian nationalists, mainly Javanese, who threw the Dutch out - in 1949, after a four-year struggle - were keen to preserve their inheritance and emulated the coercion, deceit, and bribery of the colonial rulers.

— Pankaj Mishra

There are committed Indonesian filmmakers who are committed supporters of 'The Act Of Killing.'

— Joshua Oppenheimer

Although we can talk about an Indonesian democracy, or we can talk about democratic elections and democratic rituals - the trappings of democracy - we can't genuinely talk about democracy in Indonesia because there is not rule of law, and democracy without rule of law is a nonsense.

— Joshua Oppenheimer

Joshua Oppenheimer Quotes: I came across the indonesian genocide in
I came across the Indonesian genocide in 2001, when I found myself making a film in a community of survivors. They were plantation workers, and it turned out they were struggling to organize a union.

— Joshua Oppenheimer

Even a child, if he looks at a map of the world, can point out that the Indonesian archipelago forms one unity. On the map, there can be shown a unity of the group of islands between two great oceans - the Pacific Ocean and the Indies Ocean - and between two continents - the continent of Asia and the continent of Australia.

— Sukarno

Insofar as Pancasila is concerned, I am only its formulator: a formulator of those feelings which have been present silently in the heart of the Indonesian people.

— Sukarno

Peter Watts Quotes: Nine days after perreault first saw the
Nine days after Perreault first saw the woman in black, an Indonesian mother of four came out of her tent long enough to claim that the mermaid had risen, fully-formed, from the very center of the quake.
One of her boys, hearing this, said that he'd heard it was the other way around.

— Peter Watts

The flapping of a single butterfly's wing today produces a tiny change in the state of the atmosphere. Over a period of time, what the atmosphere actually does diverges from what it would have done. So, in a month's time, a tornado that would have devastated the Indonesian coast doesn't happen. Or maybe one that wasn't going to happen, does.

— Ian Stewart

Despite the fact that an Indonesian island chicken has probably had a much more natural life than one raised on a battery farm in England, people who wouldn't think twice about buying something oven-ready become much more upset about a chicken that they've been on a boat with, so there is probably buried in the Western psyche a deep taboo about eating anything you've been introduced to socially.

— Douglas Adams

It certainly makes sense to expand the pulp industry in Indonesia, .. It's clear that it will be a very competitive exporter of pulp to the rest of the world, including China and India. So the interest by the Indonesian government is clearly to establish a really competitive plantation fiber base to support a globally attractive export industry.

— David Walker

I absolutely love Indonesian restaurants! We have many Indonesian restaurants in Jakarta and I'd like to be able to visit all of them to taste their food. When I visit a restaurant, I get so many references for food and am inspired to create Indonesian cuisine in my own way.

— Rinrin Marinka

We have received unconfirmed reports out of our embassy in Amman in Jordan that two Indonesian nationals, or precisely two Indonesian reporters ... have been taken away by armed individuals,

— Marty Natalegawa

Why do people want to swim with dolphins? The equivalent would be an Indonesian fellow coming over here, going up to a farmer and saying 'Can I get in with the cows? I just fancy scuffling about with them.'

— Bill Bailey

Sukarno Quotes: It was the concept of nationalism that
It was [the concept of] nationalism that Indonesia was established on. Not the Javanese, not the Sumatran, not the Bornean, Sulawesi, Bali or others, but the Indonesian, that together became the foundation of one nationale staat (nation-state).

— Sukarno

If, for example, one day Ki Bagoes Hadikoesoemo becomes the Indonesian Head of State, and dies, won't his child be [his replacement]? Then because of that I do not adhere to the principle of monarchism.

— Sukarno

People never heard bells in Western music sounding really cataclysmic. You hear that more in Russian music or in Asian, Indonesian traditions.

— Charlemagne Palestine

Islam in the Arab world coexists with Indonesian, Pakistani and Turkish Islam. There is limited solidarity, even within the Arab world.

— Walter Kasper

Khairani Barokka is a writer, spoken-word poet, visual artist and performer whose work has a strong vein of activism, particularly around disability, but also how this intersects with, for example, issues of gender - she's campaigned for reproductive rights in her native Indonesian, and is currently studying for a PhD in disability and visual cultures at Goldsmiths. She's written a feminist, environmentalist, anti-colonialist narrative poem, with tactile artwork and a Braille translation. How could I not publish that?

— Deborah Smith

I didn't want to try and borrow kudos from Indonesian culture. I was trying to get a fresh perspective on these instruments. I'm not doing a Paul Simon Gracelands and stealing all this African music and not give anyone any credit.

— Squarepusher

The crimes committed against the people of West Papua are some of the most shameful of the past years. The Western powers have much to answer for, and at the very least should use their ample means to bring about the withdrawal of the occupying Indonesian army and termination of the shameful exploitation of resources and destruction of the environment and the lives and societies of the people of West Papua, who have suffered far too much.

— Noam Chomsky

The inference is, that God has restated the superiority of the West. God always does like that when a thousand white people surround one dark one. Dark people are always "bad" when they do not admit the Divine Plan like that. A certain Javanese man who sticks up for Indonesian Independence is very lowdown by the papers, and suspected of being a Japanese puppet.

— Zora Neale Hurston

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