Indifferent To Suffering Quotes

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Indifferent To Suffering Quotes

Who can enjoy enlightenment and remain indifferent to suffering in the world? This is not in keeping with the Way. Only those who increase their service along with their understanding can be called men and women of Tao.
— Laozi —

Scholarship that is indifferent to human suffering is immoral.

— Richard Levins

It is a glorious thing to be indifferent to suffering, but only to one's own suffering.

— Robert Lynd

We are the offspring of history, and must establish our own paths in this most diverse and interesting of conceivable universes-one indifferent to our suffering, and therefore offering us maximum freedom to thrive, or to fail, in our own chosen way.

— Stephen Jay Gould

What I love most about nature is how indifferent it is to us humans and human suffering. While we are here with our little or big tragedies-the wind is blowing, the leaves are rustling in the trees, the flowers bloom, and die-there's a great comfort in that indifference,

— Valzhyna Mort

He who is indifferent to the suffering of others is a traitor to that which is truly human.

— Saadi سعدی

A Jew must be sensitive to the pain of all human beings. A Jew cannot remain indifferent to human suffering ... The mission of the Jewish people has never been to make the world more Jewish, but to make it more human.

— Elie Wiesel

And the point is, is it possible for the mind to be totally free from suffering and yet not become indifferent, callous, irresponsible, but to have that passion, the intensity, the energy that freedom brings, freedom from suffering.

— Jiddu Krishnamurti

It's fashionable to be indifferent to other people's suffering

— Cornel West

We are ordinarily so indifferent to people that when we have invested one of them with the possibility of giving us joy, or suffering, it seems as if he must belong to some other universe, he is imbued with poetry.

— Marcel Proust

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