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In Order To Change Quotes

You must change your approach in order to change your results.
— Jim Rohn —

You must change in order to survive..

— Pearl Bailey

The person of the therapist is the converting catalyst, not his order or credo, not his spatial location in the room, not his exquisitely chosen words or denominational silences. So long as the rules of a therapeutic system do not hinder limbic transmission - a critical caveat - they remain inconsequential, neocortical distractions. The dispensable trappings of dogma may determine what a therapist thinks he is doing, what he talks about when he talks about therapy, but the agent of change is who he is. (187)

— Thomas Lewis

If you have wanted to lose ten pounds for ten years and a diet finally helps you do it, you might well assume you have accomplished your goal. But your goal actually isn't to lose ten pounds. Many people (even you?) have lost ten pounds many times! The goal is to lose ten pounds and keep the weight off. Dieting doesn't lead to weight loss that endures. For this we must join a change in behavior with a change in the way we think and feel-and in order to change the way we think and feel, we need to change our mindsets. When we are working on truly adaptive goals-ones that require us to develop our mindsets-we must continually convert what we learn from behavioral changes into changes in our mindsets.

— Robert Kegan

At times unpopular measures are needed in order to change behaviour.

— Lucy Powell

In business, sometimes you have to change the CEO in order to change the direction of the company.

— Thomas Massie

In order to change the conversation about Muslims in American media, we need a diverse, unified movement of people who are willing to take a stand against anti-Muslim bias.

— Aasif Mandvi

We accept the world in order to change it. If you do not accept, then what are you going to change?

— Sri Chinmoy

I think sharing experiences is a great thing in order to change things in society.

— Sanna Lenken

In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete.

— R. Buckminster Fuller

In order to change the world, I guess a person would have to really get his head together first before he can say anything to the world, to change it.

— Jimi Hendrix

In order to change your life outside, you must first change inside

— Louise Hay

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