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In Need You Quotes

When people are in need, you must be present. When people suffer, you must let them know youre suffering with them." "The good side of bad acts?" I say. "I would not say that from horror comes goodness. That would be giving horror too much credit. But goodness prevails in spite of horror.
— Mark Matousek —

A true friend has your best interests at heart and the pluck to tell you what you need to hear.

— E.A. Bucchianeri

To reach your Destination, you need a Direction, but you can't get there without Inspiration!-RVM

— R.v.m.

You did not need a God (Sylvie was an unconfessed atheist) to believe in sin. She

— Kate Atkinson

I, it's just, listen, criticism? It's the most important art now, it's the one we need most now. Criticism is the art we need most today. But not, don't you see? not the "if I'd done it myself . . ." Yes, a, a disciplined nostalgia, disciplined recognitions

— William Gaddis

To shuck oysters, you'll need an oyster knife, a handy tool with a sturdy handle and a short, rigid blade which you can pick up for about ten bucks in a kitchenware shop or fish market. A quick trip online will yield any number of videos and slide shows with step-by-step instructions on how to shuck an oyster.

— Tom Douglas

What shall I tell you of the years that ensued? You know well the recent history of this beleaguered country. I need not to rehash for you those dark days. I tire at the mere thought of writing it, and, besides, the suffering of this country has already been sufficiently chronicled, and by pens far more learned and eloquent than mine.
I can sum it up in one word: war. Or rather, wars. Not one, not two, but many wars, both big and small, just and unjust, wars with shifting casts of supposed heroes and villains, each new hero making one increasingly nostalgic for the old villain.

— Khaled Hosseini

Shihonage is the foundation of Aikido. All you ever need to master is shihonage.

— Morihei Ueshiba

If you don't need to quit drinking, you shouldn't quit drinking. I used to really love to drink, and especially living in London, it's just built for drinking ...

— Tom Ford

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