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Important Things Of Life Quotes

Ive not much interest in the important things of life. Only in the beautiful things. Just this lilac here makes me happy.
— Erich Maria Remarque —

I wrote that certain things were leaving me nauseated. I said that judges made me feel that way. Not most of them but all of them. I said that you for example, the judge I'm writing this to, made me feel nauseated. The nausea came from understanding that people produced by every conceivable advantage got to decide whether someone like Jalen lived or died and what was worse was they never fucking seemed to decide that the person should live, that a person's life, any person, was more important than whether some fat fuck at a country club thought you were hard enough on crime or whether you continue to get sufficient reelection campaign contributions you worthless retarded piece of shit. Why should you be allowed to decide anything beyond what you have for lunch you mental infant?

— Sergio De La Pava

She'd wanted Randall Parks from the moment her hormones kicked in. Her best friend, her guardian when things got rough, her knight in somewhat-rusted and dinged up armor-he wore many hats in her life and none more important than that of best friend.

— Virginia Nelson

Over the years I've tried to be clear about the things that are important in life, the things that matter, and I've tried to pursue them, and, I've had a certain sense of 'stickability,' hanging in there, and I suppose that's me.

— Peter Hollingworth

There are more important things in life than chasing after this myth of perfection.

— Alison G. Bailey

You went to school," Lee said. "I mean, at some point. And it didn't suit you very well. They wanted to teach you things you didn't care about. Dates and math and trivia about dead presidents. They didn't teach persuasion. Your ability to persuade is the single most important determinant of your quality of life, and they didn't cover that at all. Well, we do. And we're looking for students with natural aptitude.

— Max Barry

A woman who is striving invites others to strive. The message-sometimes implicit in her actions, sometimes explicit through her words-is, "Get your act together. Life is uncertain. There is no time for your heart here. Shape up. Get busy. That's what is important." She does not say, "All is well. All shall be well." Her fear doesn't allow it. She is withholding the very things her world needs.

— John Eldredge

But the important thing is that I don't do anything else. I avoid social life normally associated with publishing. I don't go to the cocktail parties, I don't give or go to dinner parties. I need that time in the evening because I can do a tremendous amount of work then. And I can concentrate. When I sit down to write I never brood. I have so many other things to do, with my children and teaching, that I can't afford it ...

— Toni Morrison

If he could have his way, Satan would distract us from our heritage. He would have us become involved in a million and one things in this life-probably none of which is very important in the long run-to keep us from concentrating on the things that are really important, particularly the reality that we are God's children. He would like us to forget about home and family values. He'd like to keep us so busy with comparatively insignificant things that we don't have time to make the effort to understand where we came from, whose children we are, and how glorious our ultimate homecoming can be!

— Marvin J. Ashton

To lead the good life in New York, the two most important things for a woman are a chauffeur and a fur-lined raincoat. If you have those two things, you're made.

— Iris Apfel

Work out what is truly important to you. Research shows people with consistently high happiness scores prioritise their life according to the things they value. They've worked out what is most important to them and don't allow themselves to get sidetracked.

— Robert Holden

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