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I'm Unfixable Quotes

A-tone-ment-its a chance to fix the unfixable and to start all over again. It begins when you forgive yourself for all youve done wrong, and forgive others for all theyve done to you. Your mistakes arent mistakes anymore, theyre just things that make you stronger.
— Glenn Beck —

Yeah, but broken isn't the same as unfixable.

— Marissa Meyer

Most problems look worse than they are. nothing is unfixable.

— Rick Riordan

Nothing is unfixable.

— Rick Riordan

Nothing is unfixable, except the fact that you're gone

— Rick Riordan

What is there in thee, Man, that can be known?
Dark fluxion, all unfixable by thought,
A phantom dim of past and future wrought,
Vain sister of the worm ...

— Samuel Taylor Coleridge

America is an unsolvable problem: a nation divided and deeply in hate with itself. If it was a startup, we'd understand how unfixable the situation is; most of us would leave for a fresh start, and the company would fall apart. America is MySpace.

— Michael Arrington

Imagine saying to someone, "I have a kidney problem, and I'm having a lot of bad days lately." Nothing but sympathy, right? "What's wrong?" "My mom had that!" "Text me a pic of the ultrasound!" Then pretend to say, "I have severe depression and anxiety, and I'm having a lot of bad days lately." They just look at you like you're broken, right? Unfixable. Inherently flawed. Maybe not someone they want to hang around as much? Yeah, society sucks. My mental problems made me feel ashamed. I felt like I had to hide them until I could "work through it" on my own. Which I never did, because I didn't know how. And I didn't feel brave enough to make fixing my mind a priority because I didn't think anyone would understand.

— Felicia Day

She'd listened to a lot of these utopian discussions, and it was somehow comforting that Stephen and his friends could never quite work all the kinks out of their plan; that the world was as obstinately unfixable as her life was.

— Jonathan Franzen

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