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I'm Torn Between Quotes

I love America and I hate it. Im torn between the two. I have two conflicting visions of America. One is a kind of dream landscape and the other is a kind of black comedy.
— Bono —

I feel like the squirrels that so often run in front of our car
& then stand paralyzed in the forward crunch of the tires
i'm torn between the compulsion to run
& the urge to stand still & hope the danger will pass

— Koren Zailckas

I'm torn between wanting the absolute best for my daughter and being jealous that she has it so much better than I ever did.

— Jill Smokler

What is this, Enki?" says the Queen. "Do you not honor me?"
Enki's smile is wide and bright. "I give you the greatest honor," he says.
"You are dressed in the manner of a slave," says she, "in a city where there are none."
"There aren't," he agrees, though now his smile seems too sharp for his words. "But there is the verde."
"And what of it?"
"I am dressed in the manner of my people."
"Are we not your people?" And we see that the Queen is torn between amusement and anger. Enki is leading her in a dance, but has not tapped out its rhythm.
"You are everything to me."
"And yet you come before us hardly as a king."
"I come before you," says Enki, "as a simple verde boy." He takes a quick step back, almost skipping, and his dust-lightened hair bobs around his ears. "I will leave you as a king." And when the drums start, that's how he dances: as a king.

— Alaya Dawn Johnson

Typical!" he said to Sophie. " I break my neck to get here, and I find you peacefully tidying up!"
Sophie looked up at him. As she had feared, the hard black-and white light coming through the broken wall showed her that Howl had not bothered to shave or tidy his hair. His eyes were still red-rimmed and his black sleeves were torn in several place. There was not much to choose between Howl and the scarecrow. Oh, dear! Sophie thought. He must love Miss Angorian very much. "I came for Miss Angorian," she explained.
"And I thought if I arranged for your family to visit you, it would keep you quiet for once!" Howl said disgustedly. "But no

— Diana Wynne Jones

That's what's so great about the story. It's real. What I mean is, even if it didn't actually happen-and there's debate about the Legends and Greivances section, and whether it's historically accurate-it shows the world truthfully. I remember feeling just like that baby: torn apart by feeling, split in two caught between loyalties and desires.
That's how the diseased world is.
That's how it was for me, before I was cured.

— Lauren Oliver

I stared at him, torn between wanting to laugh and to punch him in the face

— Jennifer L. Armentrout

Torn between violence and disillusionment, I seem to myself a terrorist who, going out in the street to perpetrate some outrage, stops on the way to consult Ecclesiastes or Epictetus.

— Emil Cioran

Torn between the impulse to stroke his head, and the urge to cave it in with a rock, I did neither.

— Diana Gabaldon

I'd go back and hang out with Isaac Newton. I'm torn between do I hang out with him or do I bring him into the present to hang out with me. See, that might be terrifying because his head will just explode once he sees everything that was derived from his discoveries, but I'd spend more time with someone who I think is one of the most brilliant minds our species has ever known.

— Neil DeGrasse Tyson

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