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I'm Really Sick Quotes

Im really sick of people calling us insane.-Brianna Miller
— Natasha Larry —

I'm really sick of people calling us insane.-Brianna Miller

— Natasha Larry

To be really honest, I think if anybody did derive comfort from the fact that 'there's always someone worse off than yourself,' they'd have to be a pretty sad and sick individual. If I've sprained my wrist, I'm not made happier by the thought that someone somewhere has broken their leg!

— Stuart Hill

At this time in history, sick, afraid, and despondent are the general conditions that affect the majority of poeple almost everywhere. It's difficult and challenging to follow the call of conscience when we're under the dark veil of these forces. At the same time, it's painful not to follow it.
When you become healthy, courageous, and hopeful, following your conscience becomes easier. When people are healthy, courageous, and hopeful, it's difficult to bend their mind and will. You can't force them to do what you'd like them to do against their will. They will speak out what they believe, and stand up and do what is right even when it means a loss to them.
I am hopeful because I have witnessed this change throughout my life. From the realization of what I really am, I became hopeful, courageous, and passionate for life, and I felt responsible for the general condition of humanity and the Earth because they are not separate from me.

— Ilchi Lee

It made me angry that people could simply kill other people, take what they wanted, and ignore the cries of the sick and hungry. The world wasn't like that- or it shouldn't be like that-even though I hadn't seen enough of the world to know what it was really like.

— Cameron Stracher

Dude, you are one sick feck." "Och, Dani, my love," he says, gliding toward the bed, "you've really no idea.

— Karen Marie Moning

Are you a vegetarian?' I ask, based on the evidence in front of me.
She nods.
'Because I have this theory that when we die, every animal that we've eaten has a chance at eating us back. So if you're a carnivore and you add up all the animals you've eaten
well, that's a long time in purgatory, being chewed.'
She laughs. 'No. I'm just sick of the question. I mean, I'm a vegetarian because I think it's wrong to eat other sentient creatures. And it sucks for the environment.

— David Levithan

I think of myself as a mum who finds the time to go to work. I have to check myself for baby sick before I walk out of the house in the morning. I am really a mum ... I know I am a great mother.

— Kate Winslet

The lamb baa-ed vigorously as Mary dragged it into the manicure room, and Zel winced. She really should insist Julie come work, She could use the help, plus it would mean extra mother-daughter time
and, Zel thought wryly, I won't have to find a spare tower in the suburbs.
Closing the appointment book, Zel went to finish trimming Linda's hair. "Did I hear a sheep out there?" Linda asked.
"Sick dog," Zel said. "Now, bend your head down." Linda obeyed and Zel ran her fingers through the back of her hair to check for evenness. All she needed to do was think of a way to make Julie come without Julie immediately assuming her mother was trying to ruin her life. Not an easy task.

— Sarah Beth Durst

There's only so many movies you can do. I start to get really self-loathing and sick of myself. And I think in order to act, you need to live a little bit to fill yourself with experience.

— Rooney Mara

People focus on things that vibrate very slowly during meditation and because they are so open they make themselves really sick, psychically.

— Frederick Lenz

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