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I'm Pissed Quotes

I want my kids to know when Im pissed, when Im happy and when Im confounded,
— Julia Roberts —

Maybe he stomped on my vagina and I'm pissed about it. Stella Murphy

— R.L. Griffin

I am pissed off at your insensitive inability to understand why I'm pissed off in the first place.

— Ai Yazawa

Roarke: "Our engines don't run at the same speed."
Eve: "What the hell does that mean?"
Roarke: "Just that."
Eve: "It sounds like something that ought to piss me off. But I can't figure out exactly why. When I do, I might have to pop you one."
Roarke: "I'll look forward to it. If you don't sleep, eat. You need something in your stomach. And what are you grinning at?"
Eve: "You. You're such a wife."
Roarke: "Now, I'm pissed off.

— J.D. Robb

Burnt was part of the gang that cut off Raffe's wings. Because of that, the sword had to leave Raffe. Now, she's stuck with me, a weakling little human. She's had to suffer insult upon insult since then, including being laughed at. And now, the final humiliation-Burnt's about to beat us into the ground with no more than two or three blows.
Boy, is she pissed.
Fine. I'm pissed too. This bastard took my sister and look what happened.

— Susan Ee

Gave him my best I'm-pissed-at-you face, but the jerk grinned back at me, showing off his dimples. Those two dents in his cheeks got to me every damned time I saw them.

— Aileen Erin

I don't think it's good to run on anger, but it's really great when that's the first couple of gallons in your tank - when you've had enough, and you're just pissed off enough to go for it. In a lot of ways, that sort of environment can be a catapult for a great situation.

— Josh Homme

You swore.You swore to my father that you would do everything in your power to protect Anastasia's and my interests in Hecate.
Even I could have told her that was a bad move.Dad just looked pissed.

— Rachel Hawkins

Once, I had to drive Oliver to soccer, was ten minutes late, and learned that there had apparently been a misprint in the Bible on the Ten Commandments thing: Thou shalt not murder, thou shalt not commit adultery, thou shalt not be late to soccer. My father was so pissed, I practically had to get the lightning bolt surgically removed from my back.

— Deb Caletti

I was so tired of her getting upset for no reason. The way she would get sulky and make references to the freaking oppressive nature of tragedy or whatever but then never said what was wrong, never have any goddamned reason to be sad. And I just think you ought to have a reason. My girlfriend dumped me, so I'm sad. I got caught smoking, so I'm pissed off. My head hurts, so I'm cranky. She never had a reason, Pudge. I was just so tired of putting up with her drama. And I just let her go. Christ.

— John Green

Is it crazy that I'm proud of her for standing up to me at the same time that I'm pissed at her?

— Nyrae Dawn

I was actually pissed off. I wanted to go my entire ECW career without winning titles. The only reason I won titles is because guys left.

— Tommy Dreamer

I want my kids to know when I'm pissed, when I'm happy and when I'm confounded,

— Julia Roberts

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