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I'm Perfectly Imperfect Quotes

I marvel to think that the Son of God would condescend to save us, as imperfect, impure, mistake-prone, and ungrateful as we often are. I have tried to understand the Saviors Atonement with my finite mind, and the only explanation I can come up with is this: God loves us deeply, perfectly, and everlastingly.
— Dieter F. Uchtdorf —

Love isn't finding a perfect person. It's seeing an imperfect person perfectly.

— Sam Keen

I would even go so far as to say that the idea of a soul mate is harmful. If you go into marriage expecting your spouse to satisfy your every need and complement you perfectly, you will be sorely disappointed. If you expect your spouse to satisfy the deepest longings of your soul, you are in for a massive let down. Marriage is a covenant between two, imperfect, very flawed, sinful people. You're not perfect and your spouse isn't perfect, so don't expect your marriage to be perfect.

— Stephen Altrogge

The mystery of being human and, certainly, of being a Catholic lies in our embracing together the imperfect state known as the human condition. First and foremost, if we could ever be perfect or do things perfectly, we would eliminate mystery, an essential ingredient in the good life and the spiritual life.

— Eugene Kennedy

Lev could not be fixed. And I didn't want to repair the broken part of him. He was perfectly imperfect, and I was his in heart and soul.

— Belle Aurora

An imperfect human heart, perfectly shattered, was her conclusion. A condition so common as to be virtually universal, rendering issues of right and wrong almost incidental.

— Richard Russo

Show me a man who over-elaborates and I will show you a great man! What is called their 'overelaboration' is my meat: it is the sign of struggle, it is struggle itself with all the fibers clinging to it, the very aura and ambiance of the discordant spirit. And when you show me a man who expresses himself perfectly I will not say that he is not great, but I will say that I am unattracted ... I miss the cloying qualities. When I reflect that the task which the artist implicitly sets himself is to overthrow existing values, to make of the chaos about him an order which is his own, to sow strife and ferment so that by the emotional release those who are dead may be restored to life, then it is that I run with joy to the great and imperfect ones, their confusion nourishes me, their stuttering is like divine music to my ears.

— Henry Miller

Is it truly so unfathomable, that an imperfect girl might be perfectly loved?

— Tessa Dare

While you're busy looking for the perfect person, you'll probably miss the imperfect person who could make you perfectly happy.

— John Spence

Some beautiful things are more dazzling when they are still imperfect than when they have been too perfectly crafted.

— Francois De La Rochefoucauld

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