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I'm Not The Best Quotes

Im not the best cruise ship crooner. Im not the best karaoke guy.
— Neil Patrick Harris —

I'm still pretty sick about what I've lost, but I only admit it to myself late at night, which is probably why I'm not the best sleeper.

— Nick Hornby

I just think I'm not the best person to demonstrate all the goodness humanity has to offer. I don't want you to be too disappointed when you realize that.

— Marissa Meyer

I'm not the best gamer - I think you need to be strategic and level-headed, and you need to remain calm under pressure ... and I don't really have those qualities!

— Jaime Murray

Hello," David said. "I'm David Sawyer, and I'm running for the third district council seat. Can I talk to you about my platform?" "Oh, yes, please," said Fuin. "And I will also talk to you. About your soul. And how it is forfeit to the spears of the Penetrating Gods." "I'm sorry," David said. "I'm not a follower of your religion." "That's the best part!" Fuin said. "You don't have to be! You'll still be impaled! Isn't it wonderful. Come in, come in.

— John Scalzi

I'm not a bad golfer, and I'm not the best, either.

— Jose Pablo Cantillo

I'm not the best actor I can be, so I'm just working on it. I'm not the quickest reader in the world but when I get an acting book I can read it in two days.

— Evan Peters

I'm not the best singer, but I like the way I sing my songs.

— Benmont Tench

I'm not the best singer in the world; I'm just good at picking up what I want to sound like.

— Shawn Mendes

One of the most wonderful things about Pride and Prejudice is the variety of voices it embodies. There are so many different forms of dialogue: between several people, between two people, internal dialogue and dialogue through letters. All tensions are created and resolved through dialogue. Austen's ability to create such multivocality, such diverse voices and intonations in relation and in confrontation within a cohesive structure, is one of the best examples of the democratic aspect of the novel. In Austen's novels, there are spaces for oppositions that do not need to eliminate each other in order to exist. There is also space - not just space but a necessity - for self-reflection and self-criticism. Such reflection is the cause of change. We needed no message, no outright call for plurality, to prove our point. All we needed was to reach and appreciate the cacophony of voices to understand its democratic imperative. There was where Austen's danger lay.

— Azar Nafisi

I'm not the best cruise ship crooner. I'm not the best karaoke guy.

— Neil Patrick Harris

I'm not the best person to analyze any kind of evolution in my work, but I do feel like it's been an ongoing struggle to basically teach myself how to tell the kinds of stories that interest me in comics form.

— Adrian Tomine

Being on stage was all about the palpable energy of a rapt audience hopefully buying into a life onstage. The immediate connection with the audience was the best part for me. The camera is not as fun, but your work is preserved forever. There's immortality to it.

— David Walton

I'd like to take a course in writing. I'm not the best writer in the world. I'd like to write more neatly, even though people don't send many handwritten letters these days.

— Tyson Fury

To get angry with oneself and reject oneself is not helpful and is not what the Buddha teaches. The best thing is not to say either "I'm all good" or "I'm worthless; I'm no good." The best thing is not to think about oneself, not talk about oneself, not dwell upon

— Eknath Easwaran

I am not sure that it is best for us, once safe and secure on the Rock of Ages, to ask ourselves too closely what this and that experience may signify. Is it not better to be thinking of the Rock, not of the feet that stand upon it?

— Elizabeth Prentiss

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