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I'm Not Drunk Yet Quotes

The Life and Soul, the man who will never go home while there is one man, woman or glass of anything not yet drunk.
— Katharine Whitehorn —

Night, Pidge," he whispered, turning over.
I fidgeted, not yet ready to sleep. "Trav?" I said, leaning up to rest my chin on his shoulder.
"I know I'm drunk, and we just got into a ginormous fight over this, but ... ."
"I'm not having sex with you, so quit asking," he said, his back still turned to me.
"What? No!" I cried.
Travis laughed and turned, looking at me with a soft expression. "What, Pigeon?

— Jamie McGuire

Is he drunk?' the attendant asked as they boarded the early morning flight.
'Not yet,' said Grey.

— Wendy Wunder

Ya got cigarettes?" she asks. "Yes," I say,
"I got cigarettes." "Matches?" she asks.
"Enough to burn Rome." "Whiskey?"
"Enough whiskey for a Mississippi River
of pain." "You drunk?" "Not yet.

— Charles Bukowski

She had never heard the word 'intellectual' used as a noun before she went to Barnard, and she took it to heart. It was a brave noun, a proud noun, a noun suggesting lifelong dedication to lofty things and a cool disdain for the commonplace. An intellectual might lose her virginity to a soldier in the park, but she could learn to look back on it with wry, amused detachment. An intellectual might have a mother who showed her underpants when drunk, but she wouldn't let it bother her. And Emily Grimes might not be an intellectual yet, but if she took copious notes in even the dullest of her classes, and if she read every night until her eyes ached, it was only a question of time.

— Richard Yates

There may be in the cup A spider steep'd, and one may drink, depart, And yet partake no venom, for his knowledge Is not infected: but if one present The abhorr'd ingredient to his eye, make known How he hath drunk, he cracks his gorge, his sides, With violent hefts. I have drunk, and seen the spider.

— William Shakespeare

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