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I'm Not A Bad Influence Quotes

All that summer, as I end up in his flat over and over, drinking his wine, having his bad pervy sex, and then lying on the bed, talking about Audens influence on Morrissey, I feel like were in a huge, ongoing surreal session of the Post-it Game, in which Rich has stuck a Post-it on my head on which is written either "My girlfriend" or "Not my girlfriend," and I am having to guess which it is with a series of questions that he can only answer yes or no. This whole situation seems like a massive societal problem. Why have we not yet discovered a way to find out if someones in love with you? Why cant I press a litmus paper to Tonys sweaty brow, when were fucking, and see if it turns pink for love—or blue for casual fuck? Why is there no information on this? Why has science not attended to this matter?
— Caitlin Moran —

Just for today, i'll allow many things to be out of my control ... This can be very difficult for many of us.  When someone tells us about something bad going on, we tend to want to solve the problem, to exercise some level of control over it.  If someone is misbehaving, we often feel obligated to make that person change his or her behavior.  But many, many things in this life are not under our control, nor should they be-and we shouldn't try to exert our influence trying to control them.  Sometimes we need to accept that this is someone else's problem, and that person is able to deal with it, or that this is an issue that's going to take some time to resolve, or that this really, truly is none of my business. There are plenty of things in life that go on quite well without our involvement, and when we try to push ourselves in, we can add stress to our own lives and complicate the situations.  So today, I'm going to let some things go, for they aren't my affair.

— Tom Walsh

Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority.

— Lord Acton

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