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I'm Just Not Okay Quotes

So hes a bad guy." "Everyones bad." "No," Bob said, "theyre not. Most people are okay." "Yeah?" A smile of disbelief. "Yeah. They just, I dunno, make a lotta messes and then they make more messes trying to clean those first messes up and after a while thats your life." She sniffled and chuckled at the same time. "Thats it, uh?" "Thats it sometimes.
— Dennis Lehane —

Every single morning, I smell him. Even when I've changed my sheets, I smell him. When I roll onto the side of the bed he was on, I smell him. I can almost feel him-and then I want to call him. I wanna call him because I feel so helpless. So alone. All I wanna do is hear his voice. I just want the assurance that we're still okay. I just want to make sure everything is okay, but ... he obviously doesn't care whether it is or not.

— Shanora Williams

What did okay mean to the harpy- not coughing up arterial blood?

— Thea Harrison

It's not my fault I can't be like you, okay? I don't get up in the morning thinking the world is one big, shiny, happy place, okay? That's just not how I work. I don't think I can be fixed.

— Lauren Oliver

Okay, so. You, Belikov, the Alchemist, Sonya Karp, Victor Dashkov, and Robert Doru are all hanging out in West Virginia together."
"No," I said.
"We're, uh, not in West Virginia.

— Richelle Mead

I'm not sure I'm okay with 2 guys gettin' married, but I don't wanna be a jerk about it.

— Lizz Winstead

I shook my head at him. "Unbelievable. You have no claim here," I said, gesturing to myself. "You have no right to be upset that I'm dating Jack. You had your chance."
"I guess I'm not as okay with it as I thought I was. I don't like seeing him with you," he said, and I wasn't sure if it was because Jack was a known player or if Jack was suddenly playing with me.

— Monica Alexander

It is okay not to like someone, but it is never okay to try and degrade, humiliate, or dehumanize them.

— Cory Booker

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