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I'm A Little Bit Quotes

In English, Im a little bit limited. I speak English as a second language, and thats a little limitation that I have to work around and I have to use it to my favor. So, yes, thats why I end up wanting to do more things in Latin America.
— Gael Garcia Bernal —

I'm a little bit of a disaster, Hadley."
"Then, you're my favorite disaster, Jack.

— Audrey Bell

I'm a little bit of a germophobe - not that bad!

— Amber Riley

I hate it when theater people go on about professionalism - aren't they boring? I try to be as unprofessional as possible. And I'm a little bit politically incorrect.

— Barry Humphries

There's so many great designers. I'm a little bit of a vintage junkie when it comes to going out. I like to get unique pieces that you won't see everyone wearing, but at the same time I don't like to break the bank. I like to find great vintage pieces that you can hold on to for a long time.

— Candice Accola

I go back and forth, but I never wanted to be the photographer of the gay and lesbian community. I will wave a rainbow flag proudly, but I am not a singular identity. I think a singular identity isn't very interesting, and I'm a little bit more multifaceted as a person than that.

— Catherine Opie

I'm a little bit drifty. I'm a little bit all over the place.

— Domhnall Gleeson

I'm a little bit to the left of things anyway.

— Nina Blackwood

I'm a little bit superstitious, and I think that just comes from playing hockey. I won't avoid the number thirteen. A big one for me, though, is walking under a ladder. I've always felt like that's tempting fate. That's just throwing it right in their face. Check me out. I just walked under a ladder. What are you going to do about it?

— James Badge Dale

I'm not commercial, I'm not for Special K cereal and I'm not a Wheaties boy; I'm a little bit more avant-garde, a little bit more out there.

— Johnny Weir

'Can't Stop Dancing' is this other side of me that I was ready to introduce to my fans, which is like, after you hang out with me, you start to see that I can be chilled and relaxed, and I'm a little bit more mature for my age.

— Becky G

I'm a little bit allergic to the whole brand thing to be honest but maybe it's just happening around me and I'm not really aware of it.

— Sophie Ellis-Bextor

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