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If You Want My Love Quotes

Im going to go," he said. "All right." He didnt move. Then: "I dont want to." "Do it anyway." He chuckled. "Youre a hard woman, Faith Devlin." "Hardy." "I didnt know him. He isnt real to me. Did you love him?" "Yes." But not the way I love you. Never like that.
— Linda Howard —

You know, my Katie, if I could be someone who could take care of you, fall in love with you, make you fall in love with me, you know I'd do it. It would keep us together. I don't want to lose you. But I can't seem to fall in love with anyone who is good for me.

— Cindy Martinusen Coloma

I love taking care of a woman, you know that. I'm just not attracted to the clingy ones who need me
to do everything for them. I want her to need me, but not need me for everything, know what I mean? I
want a smart, independent woman who just happens to enjoy submitting to me sexually. Is that too much to

— Lexi Blake

Consider it: every person you have ever met, every person will suffer the loss of his friends and family. All are going to lose everything they love in this world. Why would one want to be anything but kind to them in the meantime?

— Sam Harris

I want to venture a hypothesis that, roughly expressed, goes like this: you cannot learn to love yourself until you find something in the world to love; no matter what it is. A dog, a garden, a tree,a flight of birds, a friend ... Because what we love in ourselves is ourselves loving.

— John Burnside

Please tell me it's not too late to fix this. Tell me you still love me. I've never wanted anything as much as I want you. I'll risk everything that's important to me, just to hear you say you want me in your life.

— Lacey Weatherford

In China, we say: 'There are many dreams in a long night.' It has been a long night, but I don't know if I want to continue the dreams. It feels like I am walking on a little path, both sides are dark mountains and valleys. I am walking towards a little light in the distance. Walking, and walking, I am seeing that light diminishing. I am seeing myself walk towards the end of the love, the sad end.
I love you more than I loved you before. I love you more than I should love you. But I must leave. I am losing myself. It is painful that I can't see myself. It is time for me to say those words you kept telling me recently. 'Yes, I agree with you. We can't be together.

— Xiaolu Guo

We must forgive those we feel have wronged us, not because they deserve to be forgiven but because we love ourselves so much we don't want to keep paying for the injustice ... when someone can touch a wound and it no longer hurts you then you know you have truly forgiven.

— Miguel Ruiz

One of the things I say is, 'You want to know what it's like to be a baby? It's like being in love for the first time in Paris after four double espressos.' And boy, you are alive and conscious.

— Alison Gopnik

How do we listen to his voice? With the ear of our heart. With love. Love has ears, as love has eyes. Just be there, and love him, and let him love you." (35). Easier said than done. "What will happen then? What will we hear? Let God take care of that. Seek only him, do not use him as a means to seek any other end. He is not your Santa, he is your Savior. I cannot tell you what he will give you, except for one thing: he will give you himself. He will give you more of himself the more you want him, that is, the more you love him. He wants to pour infinite riches into your soul; prayer is a way of opening up your soul so more of God can enter.

— Peter Kreeft

Oh, and he groped your face. Sounds like true love to me.'
'He didn't grope my face. We were talking. And he also bought me animal crackers. I like them.'
'You also bitched about them not being in the vending machine for a week. Everyone in the building knows you like animal crackers.'
'I don't see you bringing me any.'
'Do you want me to?

— Elizabeth Scott

A long sigh escaped him before he said, "We're in something of a predicament, love."
I turned my face to look up at him. "We are?"
Reaching, out, he stroked my cheek with the back of his hand. "Yes, my darling, because I very much want to fuck you.

— L.H. Cosway

I would love to see no more ghettos but the things is, there's no diplomacy in the ghetto. They want to tell you something, they tell you straight!

— Jimmy Cliff

I think when you can actually do what you love to do, if it's a little play somewhere, if it's a photo, if it's anything- if you can somehow do what you want and do a really good job at it, I think that's pretty successful.

— Melissa McCarthy

But I also want kids who suffer from bullying to know that you can be whoever you want to be in life, including a professional boxer, that anything is possible and that who you are or whom you love should not be impediment to achieving anything in life.

— Orlando Cruz

Maybe it's easier to think about dishonesty and what kind of trouble you can get into as a writer when love and honesty collide and you sidestep that collision, either because you want to protect somebody or you want to blame somebody - which are the usual impulses in love: protection and blame, frequently at the same time - so you don't exactly tell the truth.

— Leigh Newman

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