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If You Love It Quotes

If I love something I do it, and if I dont, I dont. I think that this is the most important choice that any of us can make in life, in art, in history: to do the thing you love. If you love it, it is important. If you love it then while you are doing it, you are a true expression of yourself and your time and your story. You are authentic. If you dont love it you betray not only yourself but also your history, your culture, your position in your society.
— Lina Wertmuller —

You retain your health only so long as you are willing to forgive your stresses, shrug off adversity and adapt to new situations. Resistance to change always impedes the workings of your immunity. An old Sanskrit proverb tells us kshama chajanani: the essence of motherly love is forgiveness. Damage to the ahamkara-mother predisposes us to disease by weakening our innate forgiveness.

— Robert E. Svoboda

When you are in love, your mind stop thinking and it start to trust your heart even it's wrong.

— Minesh Shakya

You've got to love what you're doing. If you love it, you can overcome any handicap or the soreness or all the aches and pains, and continue to play for a long, long time.

— Gordie Howe

Love wasn't just a combination of matching physical and personal criteria. It was something you couldn't put into words, just a certainty, a twist of fate, a spark.

— Megan Shepherd

Try any goddam thing you like, no matter how boringly normal or outrageous. If it works, fine. If it doesn't, toss it. Toss it even if you love it.

— Stephen King

A very painful part of being a parent is having really negative feelings about your children when you love them so much.

— Louis C.K.

If you don't love it, don't eat it, and if you love it, savor it.

— Evelyn Tribole

When you want it the most, there's no easy way out.When you're ready to go, and your heart's left in doubt. Don't give up on your faith, love comes to those who believe it ... And that's the way it is.

— Celine Dion

If you love it, you don't know much about typography. And if you hate it, you really don't know much about typography either and you should get another hobby.

— Vincent Connare

If you don't have the possibility of listening to music, you can't know if you love it.

— Andrea Bocelli

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