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If You Leave Quotes

A brilliant idea is like a baby in a mothers womb. You need to bring it out in the world, nurture it, feed it, grow it, till it becomes big enough to take care of itself. If you leave it at the stage of an idea itself, it is as good as non existent.
— Manoj Arora —

Courtship is romantic. Marriage ... is an act of will," said Pippa, taking a sip of water. "I mean, I adore Herb. But the marriage functions because we will it to. If you leave love to hold everything together, you can forget it.

— Rebecca Miller

No one is indispensable to anyone else. You imagine you're necessary to him or that he will be very unhappy if you leave him, but I'm sure that if you do, within three months he will have fitted another face into your role and you'll see that no one is suffering because of your absence. You must feel free to do whatever feels best to you. Being someone's nurse is no way to live unless you're unable to do anything else. You have to say something on your own and you ought to be thinking, first and foremost, about that.

— Françoise Gilot

I don't want to start over again," she says slowly. "I like what we had. I don't want to re-do it. I love you, Pax. But I don't know if I can handle it if you leave me like that again. You shut me out and i couldn't help you. That's not what people do when they love someone. You ripped my heart out and stomped on it.

— Courtney Cole

In fact, if you leave the mansion for any reason I will be your escort." Decebel winked at her, shutting the door just before a hairbrush flew across the room and smashed against it loudly. Jen's loud words followed the noise.
"The only place you'll be escorting me is to the vet so you can have the foot I'm going to shove up your behind removed!"
Loftis, Quinn (2012-02-04). Just One Drop, Book 3 in the Grey Wolves Series (p. 49). Kindle Edition.

— Quinn Loftis

It is my belief that almost anyone can be had with breadcrumbs. For if you leave a trail of the right variety, your prey will come straight to you.

— Richelle E. Goodrich

[T]houghts will arise. Don't be bothered by them. Don't think they're bad or that you shouldn't be having them. ... If you leave them alone, they'll depart of their own accord. This is how to 'cease all movements of the conscious mind.' You cannot do it by the direct application of your will.

— Steve Hagen

Wrath positively glowered. "You're giving me a job to get rid of me." "As a bonded male, I know that you're going to want to take care of her. And I think, if she's nauseous, having those things in her belly might make her feel better." "I can call Fritz, you realize." "Yes, I know. Or you can do it yourself and provide for her." Wrath stood there, frowning and gritting his teeth. "You know something, Jane, you're spending too much time with Rhage." "Because I'm manipulating you?" The physician's smile got bigger. "Maybe. But if you leave right now, you can be back waaaaay before I'm finished.

— J.R. Ward

In your life you are William Wallace-who else could be? There is no other man who can replace you in your life, in the arena you've been called to. If you leave your place in the line, it will remain empty. No one else can be who you are meant to be. You are the hero in your story. Not a bit player, not an extra, but the main man.

— John Eldredge

You stood with me in the bleak, black house. Don't let the light fool you. Don't leave me. What if you leave?

— Annabel Joseph

Take the pleasure I'm giving you as a vow, pet. If you leave me, I will hunt you to the ends of the earth. There won't be a place you hide where I can't find you. I will never stop looking. I will never give up. I will never let you go when I can save you. - Mitchell Thorpe

— Shayla Black

We have to hear the stories of women at all ages of their lives in order to really present a picture of what it felt like to be alive in our time. That's what our job is as writers is to present that and create it. Our job as writers isn't to make as much money as we can. Our job is to create a record of this time. That's why if you leave out women and the stories of women, we failed at our mission. All of us. Men and women.

— Marsha Norman

The best ideas in the world will accomplish nothing if you leave them on paper. Talk about them. Debate, discuss, argue. Put them into action. Then you can change the world.

— Kevin Stirtz

Have you noticed that if you leave the laundry in the hamper long enough, it's ready to wear again?

— Elayne Boosler

You cannot hammer a girl into anything. She grows as a flower does, she will wither without sun; she will decay in her sheath as a narcissus will if you do not give her air enough; she might fall and defile her head in dust if you leave her without help at some moments in her life; but you cannot fetter her; she must take her own fair form and way if she take any.

— John Ruskin

My daughter has a problem picking things up in her room. So if you leave your clothes on the floor, we put them in a trash bag. She has to earn them back by being tidy. I'm a disciplinarian. Guy's the spoiler.

— Madonna Ciccone

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