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If I Were A Man Quotes

If I were a man I might not wear the cloak of anonymity.
— Stephanie Hemphill —

What is love? There is nothing in the world, neither man nor Devil nor any thing, that I hold as suspect as love, for it penetrates the soul more than any other thing. Nothing exists that so fills and binds the heart as love does. Therefore, unless you have those weapons that subdue it, the soul plunges through love into an immense abyss.

— Umberto Eco

The very first step to a correct understanding of the Christian theology of contemplation is to grasp clearly the unity of God and man in Christ, which of course presupposes the equally crucial unity of man in himself.

— Thomas Merton

There are always women who will take men on their own terms. If I were a man I wouldn't bother to change while there are women like that around.

— Ann Oakley

If I were a man with gills, I would be a fish!

— Ryan Stiles

Elsewhere and leave me here alone with a whole plantation and two hundred woolly cannibals on my hands.  Therefore you stay, and I stay.  It is very simple.  Also, it is adventure.  And furthermore, you needn't worry for yourself.  I am not matrimonially inclined.  I came to the Solomons for a plantation, not a husband." Sheldon flushed, but remained silent. "I know what you are thinking," she laughed gaily.  "That if I were a man you'd wring my neck for me.  And I deserve it, too.  I'm so sorry.  I ought not to keep on hurting your feelings." "I'm afraid I rather invite it," he said, relieved by the signs of the tempest subsiding. "I have it," she announced.  "Lend me a

— Jack London

Man is the victim of an environment which refuses to understand his soul.

— Charles Bukowski

I do not believe that Mr. Jefferson ever hated me. On the contrary, I believe he always like me: but he detested Hamilton and by whole administration. Then he wished to be President of the United States, and I stood in his way. So he did everything that he could to pull me down. But if I should quarral with him for that, I might quarrel with every man I have had anything to do with in life. This is human nature ... I forgive all my enemies and hope they may find mercy in Heaven. Mr. Jefferson and I have grown old and retired from public life. So we are upon our ancient terms of goodwill.

— John Adams

In baseball, when you get into the batter's box, that's it. It's just you. It's one man against the world. All that matters in that moment is your individual achievement and your individual skill. There is literally nothing that anyone else on your team can do for you. Hell, they're all sitting on the bench, waiting to see what happens, just like the fans in the crowd! It's just you and your bat.
And the ball.

— Barry Lyga

There is a man whose qualities can be savored by people who are getting old ... The painter qualities are carried to the highest point in his work: what he does is done - through and through; when he paints eyes, they are lit with the fire of life.

— Eugene Delacroix

The man who seeks revenge is like the man who shoots himself in order to hit his enemy with the kick of the gun's recoil.

— Tim LaHaye

I wonder why men get serious at all. They have this delicate, long thing hanging outside their bodies which goes up and down by its own will. If I were a man I would always be laughing at myself.

— Yoko Ono

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