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If I Had Money Quotes

When I was growing up, I thought Id be a lot happier if I was famous and successful and if I had money.
— Russell Brand —

If the possessor of a units of money receives h additional units, then it is not at all true to say that he will value the total stock a + h exactly as highly as he had previously valued the stock a alone. Because he now has disposal over a larger stock, he will now value each unit less than he did before; but how much less will depend upon a whole series of individual circumstances, upon subjective valuations that will be different for each individual.

— Ludwig Von Mises

He was a successful general because he knew men. He knew that all men will go to hell over three things: alcohol, money ... and sex. This fellow apparently hadn't. Better for him if he had!

— Ford Madox Ford

My parents had job jars because my father would say, 'Kids today have too much time, too much money and no responsibility. You're going to have no time, no money and a lot of responsibility.'

— Denise Morrison

I had, like, two goals in my career: One was to try to get into 'Second City.' When I moved to Chicago, my goal was to try to work at 'Second City.' And beyond that, my goal was to make enough money as an actor to not do anything else but act, not have to go and wait tables again.

— Steve Carell

Growing up in Hollywood meant there were a lot of film stars' kids at my school - but no conspicuous wealth. It wasn't cool to show off that you had money.

— Zooey Deschanel

I prefer not to starve, to live by the practice of medicine, which combines the best features of both science and philosophy with that imponderable and enlightening element, disease, unknown in its normality to either. But, like Pasteur, when he was young, or anyone else who has something to do, I wish I had more money for my literary experiments.
William Carlos Williams, c. 1931

— William Carlos Williams

What went wrong is we had tremendous concentration in the sense we put a lot of our money to work against U.S. real estate. We got here by lending money, and putting money to work in the U.S. real estate market, in a size that was probably larger than what we ought to have done on a diversification basis.

— Vikram Pandit

The Gospel of the army is cunning, as of all other human activities. The wisdom of the snake under the meekness of the sheep is what wins out.
The first Commandment is
never let them get anything on you
The second: Graft
get privileges others haven't got
worm yourself into confidence
The Third
seem neat and prosperous
as if you had money in the bank

— John Dos Passos

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