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If I Am Not There Quotes

Still I dinna expect anything to happen to me. But if it should ... If it does, then I want there to be a place for you; I want someone for you to go to if I am ... not there to care for you. If it canna be me, then I would have it be a man who loves you.
— Diana Gabaldon —

For this will cure him that is sick, and rouse him that is in dumps; one that has loved, it will remember of it; one that has not, it will instruct. For there was never any yet that wholly could escape love, and never shall there be any, never so long as beauty shall be, never so long as eyes can see. But help me that God to write the passions of others; and while I write, keep me in my own right wits.

— Longus

Maybe he dates girls in Denver when he goes there for business but he never asks out girls around here. I think he's simply there for looks."
The same could be said for Lindsey's ex, Hopper. He had been good for looking at but not much else. "That might work for a little while," Lindsey said, "but I prefer my men fully functional."
Holly's gaze locked on something behind Lindsey. Her hazel eyes widened and her lips formed an 'O'. She tipped her head forward, prompting Lindsey to turn and look ... straight into the eyes of Carden Crenshaw.

— Tracy March

As for being somewhere you're not supposed to be
Maybe you're here for a reason, or there is no reason.

— Tammara Webber

Don't you understand that wanting does not belong here, because that is what wounds, and there is never an end to it.

— Isobelle Carmody

An attempt is sometimes made to demonstrate the desirability of measures directed against speculation by reference to the fact that there are times when there is nobody in opposition to the bears in the foreign-exchange market so that they alone are able to determine the rate of exchange. That, of course, is not correct. Yet it must be noticed that speculation has a peculiar effect in the case of a currency whose progressive depreciation is to be expected while it is impossible to foresee when the depreciation will stop, if at all. While, in general, speculation reduces the gap between the highest and lowest prices without altering the average price-level, here, where the movement will presumably continue in the same direction, this naturally can not be the case. The effect of speculation here is to permit the fluctuation, which would otherwise proceed more uniformly, to proceed by fits and starts with the interposition of pauses.

— Ludwig Von Mises

This is not to say that I wasn't completely repulsed. I mean, I wasn't exactly proud that my stepbrother
was in there tongue wrestling with the second stupidest person in our class, after himself.

— Meg Cabot

As for omens, there is no such thing as an omen. Destiny does not send us heralds. She is too wise or too cruel for that.

— Oscar Wilde

Sociological method as we practice it rests wholly on the basic principle that social facts must be studied as things, that is, as realities external to the individual. There is no principle for which we have received more criticism; but none is more fundamental. Indubitably for sociology to be possible, it must above all have an object all its own. It must take cognizance of a reality which is not in the domain of other sciences ... there can be no sociology unless societies exist, and that societies cannot exist if there are only individuals.

— Emile Durkheim

There was already a famous Sternberg in psychology and it was obvious there would not be another.

— Robert Sternberg

It is great to have direct, unfiltered, interaction with your fans on Twitter and FaceBook, or whatever. I am not totally convinced that it has revolutionized the sales model. Its not completely apparent to me that it is easier to sell music. Obviously, there is a possibility of smaller bands, having their music listened to, but I am not sure to what degree it actually happens. Just because it can happen, doesn't mean it does.

— Chris Cain

I'm not interested in the words or the meaning of the words. I'm interested in disappearing in it completely, to not be aware of yourself at all. That's the way music works for me. It's purely emotional. It goes straight to the heart. There are no explanations. That's just it.

— Karl Ove Knausgard

Still I dinna expect anything to happen to me. But if it should ... If it does, then I want there to be a place for you; I want someone for you to go to if I am ... not there to care for you. If it canna be me, then I would have it be a man who loves you.

— Diana Gabaldon

There are some who maintain that trade will regulate itself, and it is not to be benefited by the encouragements or restraints of government. Such persons will imagine that there is no need of a common directing power. This is one of those wild speculative paradoxes, which have grown into credit among us, contrary to the uniform practice and sense of the most enlightened nations.

— Alexander Hamilton

There is a principle which is the basis of things, which all speech aims to say, and all action to evolve, a simple, quiet, undescribed, undescribable presence, dwelling very peacefully in us, our rightful lord: we are not to do, but to let do; not to work, but to be worked upon.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

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