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Identity Crisis Dc Quotes

I have an identity crisis which is not resolved because Im a dual citizen. My whole family is American, and I was born in India but I was raised in Canada. But all my extended family is American, Ive held an American passport and Ive spent my whole adult life in between New York and LA. So I feel like an American ... and I also feel like a Canadian! I wish more people were dual citizens and then I wouldnt feel like such a freak.
— Emily Haines —

Soon the grizzly was joined by a brown bear, a sun bear, and a beaver suffering from an identity crisis of magnificent proportion

— Cameron Dokey

Right after 'Raymond' I had a world-is-my-oyster attitude, but I found out I don't like oysters. I had this existential emptiness. 'What is my purpose? Who am I?' I had a big identity crisis.

— Ray Romano

Becoming an entrepreneur was the furthest thing from my mind. I actually had an identity crisis when I realized I had become one.

— Anne Taintor

Maybe people could fall in love without an identity crisis.

— Leah Raeder

When I started acting, it was like a double identity crisis - your basic crisis, compounded by people saying, 'there goes Robards' kid, Bacall's kid.' Now I realize, sure, that gets your foot in the door, but once it's there, it's your foot. I'm not bothered anymore. I'm confident of my abilities.

— Sam Robards

I never felt like I had anything really figured out. When I was a teenager, it was all about teenagers having an 'identity crisis.' That was the phrase that was used. But in my early 20s, I was still like, 'When am I going to be over that?'

— Kim Gordon

Unfortunately, in the north and the south of Ireland, intolerant habits are part of the fabric of emotion, part of the identity crisis which afflicts the population of the country.

— Tom Paulin

It's just like I get this identity crisis: my body doesn't want to write, my mind doesn't want to write. Nothing about me wants to write, but I force myself to sit there and try. Nothing happens.

— Luke Temple

I did community theater and kids programs at professional theaters and plays at school and voice lessons for seven years. I stopped because it was so time-consuming. But then I realized that I had access to this world where I could go on auditions. And there wasn't too much of an identity crisis when I started acting professionally because I had been acting longer than I had been writing. It didn't feel new.

— Tavi Gevinson

It's like we're suffering from an identity crisis, and that identity is in our arts and the fact that we don't find it chief amongst our agendas to teach our kids who we are as a nation and the battles we've had on this ground and how they've been successfully resolved. We can't enjoy the fruits of the labor of our ancestors.

— Wynton Marsalis

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