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I Will Return Quotes

Mercenary now, is that it? Being paid to kill people?" "This is a special favour," the Warlock replied. "When it is over, when I am told my services are no longer required, I will return home." "What are you getting out of this? What is Dragonclaw doing for you in return? Or maybe its not Dragonclaw. Maybe its the Necromancers as a whole. What do they want?" "I cant see the point of telling you, seeing as how you will be dead soon." "What do you know of the Passage?" Skulduggery asked. The Warlock shook his head. "I dont know what that is, and we have talked enough." His hand bubbled and boiled, and
— Derek Landy —

I was born from nothing and to nothing I will return. And yet, when i say the word nothing, when i admit, at last, 'I am nothing,' i feel mysteriously like something again, ground zero, genesis, the pull of possibilities.

— Lauren Slater

And I suspect, Mr. Potter, that if I leave you alone for two months with your schoolbooks, even without a wand, I will return to this house only to find a crater billowing purple smoke, a depopulated city surrounding it and a plague of flaming zebras terrorising what remains of England.

— Eliezer Yudkowsky

The Lord will do great things for me, and I will be filled with joy. I will sow in tears, then I will reap with songs of joy. If I go out weeping, Lord, carrying seed to sow, I will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with me (Ps. 126:3, 5-6).

— Beth Moore

We are all made from star dust and we will all return to star dust, like a cosmic palindrome.

— A.S. King

IF GOD AND JESUS ARE UP IN THE SKY SOMEWHERE, THERE IS NO HOPE FOR HUMANKIND. We need them here and now. The Christian religion's version of the salvation of the world is that the physical Jesus will someday return to earth and straighten everything out. Where is the logic in this? Jesus was already here once and the mess and misery of the world were not resolved. In fact, Jesus never said his mission was to single-handedly save the world. Instead, he said that his mission was to bear witness to and demonstrate the truth that would. The colossal mistake of the Christian religion was building its salvation plan around the physical acts of Jesus in the world rather than what they meant in the spiritual realm-that is, in the "heavenly dimension" in us. It is an elevated state of mind. That is where we experience the reality.

— Jim Palmer

I will return and I will be a million.

— Evita Peron

Sublime places gently move us to acknowledge limitations that we might otherwise encounter with anxiety or anger in the ordinary flow of events. It is not just nature that defies us. Human life is as overwhelming. But it is the vast spaces of nature that perhaps provide us with the finest, the most respectful reminder of all that exceeds us. If we spend time in them, they may help us to accept more graciously the great, unfathomable events that molest our lives and will inevitably return us to dust.

— Alain De Botton

The most important thing in all this world is that I know that I existed in the preexistence as a spirit child of my Heavenly Father; that I am here in mortality as part of his great plan for me in order that I may prove my worthiness to him by constantly making the proper choices between good and evil; and that if I prove myself worthy I will return to his presence.

— Rex D. Pinegar

As a reader I feel included a lot in Julie Carr's hard and beautiful book. I can pretty much hear its author speak-a whispering that enables us into its world ... a masterfully sutured journey, painfully useful. Sarah-Of Fragments and Lines is a book I know I will return to. And urge it on my friends who have lives too and write in them.

— Eileen Myles

I find that God by any name can be reduced to this sense of the eternal Presence. It defines being, and I see it as a sphere of intense light that marks the point of my origin. It is the permanent part of me, of which I am very aware, and the point to which I will return at the conclusion of this life.

— Elizabeth Clare Prophet

God has left me alive, so it looks like I'm needed for something ... As soon as there is a possibility for me to return, I will return and will do everything I can to make life better in Ukraine. And today, the main task is to stop the war.

— Viktor Yanukovych

You've tried to reform what will not learn. Shut doors on traits that you wish were dead; They will open a window and return.

— Jean De La Fontaine

The man who foolishly does me wrong, I will return to him the protection of my most ungrudging love; and the more evil comes from him, the more good shall go from me.

— Gautama Buddha

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