I No Longer Need You In My Life Quotes

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I No Longer Need You In My Life Quotes

Please dont send me away, Serenity. I came back because I need you. I want us ... you, me, and Nicholas ... to have a life together. To build a house ... and ... and farm like Jake, or maybe buy a business. I no longer care where I live. I just want to be with you, Serenity. With you and with Nicholas forever. Please say yes. (Morgan)
— Kinley MacGregor —

You love them, even though they're gone. In order to love you need to live, if you give up on life you can no longer love. You'd no longer have the capability to love them.

— Nicole Sobon

As you grow in true spiritual power and understanding you will actually find that many outer rules and regulations will become unnecessary; but this will be because you have really risen above them; never, never, because you have fallen below them. This point in your development, where your understanding of Truth enables you to dispense with certain outer props and regulations, is the Spiritual Coming of Age. When you really are no longer spiritually a minor, you will cease to need some of the outer observances that formerly seemed indispensable; but your resulting life will be purer, truer, freer, and less selfish than it was before; and that is the test.

— Emmet Fox

Your life's journey is no longer an adventure, just an obsessive need to arrive, to attain, to "make it." You no longer see or smell the flowers by the wayside either, nor are you aware of the beauty and the miracle of life that unfolds all around you when you are present in the Now.

— Eckhart Tolle

I blame Photoshop", my friend Maile once told me. " I use Photoshop to make my waist smaller and my neck longer and then I feel like I need to make those things happen in real life so that people on the internet don't see me tagged in a non-touched-up picture and say "Oh my God, what happened to you??" And then I have to pretend I've been in a fire or something.

— Jenny Lawson

You no longer need other people in your life once you have found your true love.

— Cassandra Clare

If I'm using Nonviolent Communication I never, never, never hear what somebody thinks about me. Never hear what somebody thinks about you, you'll live longer. You'll enjoy life more. Hear the truth. The truth is that when somebody's telling you what's wrong with you, the truth is they have a need that isn't getting met. Hear that they're in pain. Don't hear the analysis.

— Marshall B. Rosenberg

Day and night will not cease. Yet, you need not continue viewing them as opposites. There is no longer a need to think that night has the same power as day. There is just the power of light, with variations of intensity and interruption. Once the full scope of understanding is attained, duality fades away. Higher intelligence is manifested through integrated perceptions of wholeness which restore your recognition of the one spirit. The sons of God are those who do not explain life or manage it with dualistic concepts. The sons of God are those who seek to perceive wholeness in all things.

— Glenda Green

When you practice a life of non-violence you no longer need seek the truth, the truth finds you.

— Mahatma Gandhi

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