I Keep Falling In Love With Him Quotes

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I Keep Falling In Love With Him Quotes

Sometimes I do. Sometimes I look at him ... and I remember how it was when I kissed him and felt that love. It makes me want that back. I want to feel it again. I want to return to it. Other times though ... other times, Im so scared. I listen to these guys ... and to Jerome ... and then the doubts gnaw at me. I cant get them out of my head. Weve been sleeping together, you know. Literally. It hasnt been a problem so far, but sometimes I lie awake watching him, thinking this cant last. The longer it does ... I feel like ... like Im standing on a high wire, with Seth at one end and me at the other. Were trying to reach each other, but one misstep, one breeze, one side-glance, and Ill fall over the edge. And keep falling and falling." Carter leaned toward me and brushed the hair away from the side of my face. "Dont look down then," he whispered.
— Richelle Mead —

I do know that I fell in love with the moment of falling in love and I wanted to keep that moment alive forever, at the expense of all those moments to follow.

— Craig Clevenger

It was really rather wretched that you couldn't will yourself to fall in love, for the very effort can keep falling at bay. Nor could you will yourself to stay that way. Least of all could you will yourself NOT to fall in love, for thus far whatever meager resistance she had put up had only made the compulsion more intense. So you were perpetually tyrannized by a feeling that came and went as it pleased, like a cat with its own pet door. How much more agreeable, if love were something that you stirred up from a reliable recipe, or elected, however perversely, to pour down the drain. Still, there was nothing for it. The popular expression notwithstanding, love was not something you made. Nor could you dispose of the stuff once manifested because it was inconvenient, or even because it was wicked, and ruining your life, and, by the by, someone else's.

— Lionel Shriver

I grip the edge of a sidewalk cafe table to keep from falling. The diners stare in alarm, but I don't care. I'm reeling, and I gasp for air. How can I have been so stupid? How could I have ever for a moment believed I wasn't in love with him?

— Stephanie Perkins

I'm so in love with you," he whispers, the roughness of his cheek pressed against mine. "So in love. There is no bottom. I just keep falling.

— Karina Halle

My dear Princess, if you could creep unseen about your City, peeping at will through the curtain-shielded windows, you would come to think that all the world was little else than a big nursery full of crying children with none to comfort them. The doll is broken: no longer it sweetly sqeaks in answer to our pressure, "I love you, kiss me." The drum lies silent with the drumstick inside, no longer do we make a brave noise in the nursery. The box of tea-things we have clumsily put out foot upon; there will be no more merry parties around the three-legged stool. The tin trumpet will not play the note we want to sound; the wooden bricks keep falling down; the toy has exploded and burnt our fingers. Never mind, little man, little woman, we will try and mend things to-morrow

— Jerome K. Jerome

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