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I Have Nothing To Offer Quotes

Because I have no sense of self. I have no personality, no brilliant color. I have nothing to offer. Thats always been my problem. I feel like an empty vessel. I have a shape, I guess, as a container, but theres nothing inside. I just cant see myself as the right person for her. I think that the more time passes, and the more she knows about me, the more disappointed Sara will be, and the more shell choose to distance herself from me.
— Haruki Murakami —

I have nothing to offer you other
than the undying love of my broken Heart.

— Angivel Of Zanarcadia

Don't ever make the mistake of telling God that you have nothing to offer. That simply is not true. God does not create any junk.

— Myles Munroe

When you have nothing to offer, love gives abundantly.

— E'yen A. Gardner

But even though I know my flaws are many (many many many), and there are always ways I could be better, and I should never stop working for that-I also need to give myself a break. I can cut myself some slack sometimes. Because I'm a work in progress. Because nobody is perfect. At least I acknowledge the mistakes I've made, and am making. At least I'm trying. That means something, doesn't it?
And just because I have room for improvement doesn't mean I'm worthless, or that I have nothing to offer to, like, the world.

— Hannah Harrington

I wasn't sure what I expected her to do or say to this. It was all new to me from that second on. But clearly, she'd been there before. It was obvious in the easy way she shrugged off her bag, letting it fall with a thump onto the sand, before sitting down beside me. She didn't pull me close for a big bonding hug or offer up some saccharine words of comfort, both of which would have sent me running for sure. Instead she gave me nothing but her company, realizing even before I did this that this, in fact, was just what I needed.

— Sarah Dessen

I have nothing to offer anybody expect my own confusion.

— Jack Kerouac

I have nothing revolutionary or even novel to offer.

— Samuel E. Morison

It is when we are incubating particularly awkward but potentially vital ideas that we tend to feel most desperate to avoid looking inside.
... we will have nothing substantial to offer anyone else so long as we have not first mastered the art of being patient midwives to our own thoughts.
We need long train journeys on which we have no wireless signal and nothing to read, where our carriage is mostly empty, where the views are expansive and where the only sounds are those made by the wheels as they click against the rails in rhythmical succession.

— Alain De Botton

If we are not full of Him we have nothing to offer to anyone else.

— Heidi Baker

In the time of the seventh Fire new people will emerge. They will retrace their steps to find what was left by the side of the trail long ago. Their steps will take them to the Elders, who they will ask to guide them on their journey. But many of the Elders will have fallen asleep. They will awaken to this new time with nothing to offer. Some of the Elders will be silent out of fear. But most of the Elders will be silent because no one will ask anything of them.

— William Commanda

When you see a blonde with great tits and a great ass, you say to yourself, 'Hey, she must be stupid or must have nothing else to offer', which maybe is the case many times. But then again there is the one that is as smart as her breasts look, great as her face looks ... so people are shocked.

— Arnold Schwarzenegger

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