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I Don Get It Quotes

I find it is a challenge being a student athlete, but I am the kind of individual that loves challenges. I see this as my job rather than a chore so it makes it easier to get through the day. Regular students don’t spend 4 hours at the track, 2 in the training room and they especially dont have to watch everything they eat. I enjoy what I do immensely and take the good with the bad.
— Perdita Felicien —

To err is to wander and wandering is the way we discover the world and lost in thought it is the also the way we discover ourselves. Being right might be gratifying but in the end it is static a mere statement. Being wrong is hard and humbling and sometimes even dangerous but in the end it is a journey and a story. Who really wants to stay at home and be right when you can don your armor spring up on your steed and go forth to explore the world True you might get lost along get stranded in a swamp have a scare at the edge of a cliff thieves might steal your gold brigands might imprison you in a cave sorcerers might turn you into a toad but what of what To fuck up is to find adventure: it is in the spirit that this book is written.

— Kathryn Schulz

I'll tell ya one thing
the jail house is jus' a kind a way a drivin' a guy slowly nuts. See? An' they go nuts, an' you see 'em an' hear 'em, an' pretty soon you don' know if you're nuts or not. When they get to screamin' in the night sometimes you think it's you doin' the screamin'
an' sometimes it is.

— John Steinbeck

If you look at my career, towards the end you will see I was fighting like once a year. I was not part of the Don King top heavyweights, so I was kind of kept out. His guys were getting three to four fights a year and I could only get one.

— Gerry Cooney

I don't despise 'Don Quixote,' but it is a book I don't ... get. I'll have to come back it. Maybe there'll be a gateway story that opens it up for me; that happened for me with 'Paradise Lost' and the 'His Dark Materials' trilogy.

— Helen Oyeyemi

I love whiskey, and I'm a big fan of 'Mad Men,' so anything that Don Draper does, I like to do. But I want Don Draper to get back to where he was in the first season. I like him married and gallivanting around.

— Charles Kelley

I also have this kind of fascination with Don Quixote, kind of like wanting something you're not going to get. I like that a lot.

— Sean William Scott

All companies have a culture, some companies have discipline, but few companies have a culture of discipline. When you have disciplined people, you don't need hierarchy. When you have disciplined thought, you don't need bureaucracy. When you have disciplined action, you don' t need excessive controls. When you combine a culture of discipline with an ethic of entrepreneurship, you get the magical alchemy of great performance.

— James C. Collins

Don Gullett's the only guy who can throw a baseball through a car wash and not get the ball wet.

— Pete Rose

Today you have a situation where now the prescription is: People who don’t have enough money to buy food should end up paying for their drinking water. That is going to be the kind of situation in which you will get more child labor. You will get more exploitation of women. You’re going to get an absolutely exploitative economy as the very basis of living becomes a source of capital accumulation and corporate growth. In fact, the chief of Coca-Cola in India said: “Our biggest market in India comes from the fact that there is no drinking water left. People will have to buy Coca-Cola.

— Vandana Shiva

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