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I Do Matter Quotes

Which means what?" I demanded. "That Im nothing? That Im not a person? That you can do anything you want to me and its okay? Youre so full of it! But youre wrong. I know that I do matter. I am important. And youre a pathetic, cold, pointless wastoid whos going to grow old alone and die, then roast in limbo forever.
— James Patterson —

Haiti is 10.4-million people, of whom 35 per cent are children under 15. The country has always had great potential - and this is still the case. Our ill fortune has long been a matter of bad governance. And now things have changed.

— Laurent Lamothe

The way we can allow ourselves to do what we need to, no matter what others may say or do, is to choose love and defy fear.

— Martha Beck

The greatest act of leadership is mentoring. No matter how much you may learn, achieve, accumulate, or accomplish, if it all dies with you, then you are a generational failure.

— Myles Munroe

I believe that we are not determined either to heaven or to hell, through our actions here on Earth. On the contrary, I believe that we come either from heaven or from hell, prior to this life, and we carry our prior origins inside of us, at all times. People just go back to where they originally came from. And they live in this life as a result of where they once were. Of course, we have the capacities to develop and to build and to create more, while we are here, and perhaps even to change the course of our destinies, but I believe that the soul matter of individuals, are varied and are not of all the same origins.

— C. JoyBell C.

No matter how serious the trial, how deep the distress, how great the affliction, God will never desert us, He never has, and He never will.

— George Q. Cannon

The photographer Ruth Bernhard used to tell me that this is like asking somebody how they evolved their signature. It is not something I've ever worked on consciously. I think style is just the end result of personal experience. It would be problematic for me to photograph in another style. I'm drawn to places and subject matter that have personal connections for me and I photograph in a way that seems right. Where does it all come from, who knows?

— Michael Kenna

They don't know I'm staring, what does it matter if I keep on doing it?

— Zach Braff

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