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I Didn't Expect Quotes

The beauty of what I happened by extraordinary chance to put together is that nobody would have believed that this is possible, and certainly I didnt expect that it was possible. I just moved from step to step to step.
— Benoit Mandelbrot —

I didn't expect a knife, though. Is it the one missing from the kitchen?"
"Did Rand report it?" I felt betrayed. Why hadn't he just asked for it back?
"No. It just makes sense to keep track of large kitchen knives, so when one goes missing you're not surprised when someone attacks you with it.

— Maria V. Snyder

Now and then I'd catch my mother looking at my like she was thinking about her life, like she was about to say something, but she never did. I didn't expect it. Sometimes it's better not to go back
just settle accounts as they are, call it even.

— Mark Slouka

I have to tell you that I'm not all that comfortable with the idea of spending the rest of my life sleeping next to somebody who's got the power to fire me if my underwear doesn't make it all the way to the hamper."
She repressed a smile. "I'm sympathetic to your problem, but I'm not selling the team just so you can be a slob."
"Somehow I didn't expect you would.

— Susan Elizabeth Phillips

I don't need to be babied. I've taken care of myself for a long time."
"You need all the babying you can get, angel. And something's bothering you. Are you going to tell me what's going on?"
"Go to hell." She slammed down the phone.
She tightened her chin and her resolve. "I didn't expect to see you so soon."
"I was told to go to hell. My connecting flight was delayed so I thought I'd drop in.

— Joey W. Hill

I was having coffee with my bodyguard. I didn't expect to be hunting bad guys until later. Leather before sundown is tacky.

— Kim Harrison

I felt overwhelmed. I didn't expect a first kiss to be so ... life altering. In a few brief moments, the rule book of my universe had been rewritten. Suddenly I was a brand new person. I was as fragile as a newborn, but instead of the doctor placing me in my mother's arms, he'd put me in Ren's. What would Ren do with me? Would he draw me near, soothe me, and teach me about this new world or would he reject me and tell the doctor there must be some mistake. There was no way to know. What a breakable and delicate thing a heart was, no wonder I'd kept mine locked away.

— Colleen Houck

I didn't expect to feel pathos for the villains in our show. I feel quite moved in several of our episodes; I never realized that a show like 'Motive,' which aims for a broad appeal, could have that sort of emotional impact.

— Kristin Lehman

I didn't expect such a huge reaction, but I knew I was doing something different to everything else that was happening at the time.

— Enya

I didn't expect us to be around after 25 years.

— Martin Gore

You've got to have some adversity and learn from it. I'm working hard, but I didn't expect a cure in one day. You learn. You move on. You hold your head up. You go on to the next day.

— Chuck Knoblauch

I didn't expect it to come so quickly. It's been hard to keep up with. There's been articles in the papers that say I've got too big for my boots but people who know me say I'm just the same. Things have changed in my life but I haven't, too many people would knock me down if I did.

— David Beckham

One couldn't even measure roughness. So, by luck, and by reward for persistence, I did found the theory of roughness, which certainly I didn't expect and expecting to found one would have been pure madness.

— Benoit Mandelbrot

When I was a player, I didn't expect my teammates to play the way I did. I did expect them to work hard hard every day and get better. And I never learned anything by losing.

— Larry Bird

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