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I Call The Shots Quotes

If you dont know what you want, and you wont tell me specifics, then Ill tell you what I think you need. Youre mine now, Ashleigh. Im claiming you. Im claiming Kate too. If you want to be with me then I call the shots. And Ive made my first decision.
— J.A. Huss —

You could call him,' Wes suggests. 'Why be a spectator in the game of love? Take charge. Don't wait around and let the boy call all the shots.'
'As cheesy as all of that sounds,' Kimmie adds.
'Cheese or not,I know what I'm talking about.' He sulks. 'I've lived it. I've learned it.'
Kimmie lets out a laugh. 'With who,Romeo? That Wendy girl you paid to date you?'
'Oh, and because I don't have a dating history as big as your mouth, it doesn't quite measure up?'
'I hate to break this to you, but that isn't the only thing of yours that doesn't measure up.'
'Wouldn't you like to know?' He grins.

— Laurie Faria Stolarz

In many of the films now being made, there is very little cinema: they are mostly what I call 'photographs of people talking.' When we tell a story in cinema we should resort to dialogue only when it's impossible to do otherwise. I always try to tell a story in the cinematic way, through a succession of shots and bits of film in between.

— Alfred Hitchcock

So the only way I could stave off any of these assaults was to become a gang banger, and to excel, so I could quell the behavior. If I excelled, then I could call the shots. So I became a community leader from inside.

— Malik Yusef

Take shots at em, I guess you could call it a parody. But compared to D, they one-fourth from watermelon to a quarter felon, dude you a pear to me.

— Drake

My team calls all the shots out of the ring, I call them in the ring.

— Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

I can play a power game, but I also have the ability to step it up to another level and hit shots even further on call.

— Tiger Woods

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