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I Am Protected Quotes

When I travel officially ... and when I travel on a private basis, I have protection that is less suffocating. But I am protected everywhere.
— Francois Hollande —

I suppose there are two worlds-the small, protected one we carve out for ourselves, where we fret about a whole lot of nothing, and the other world, the real one, which comes knocking at the door, demanding to be let in and given a seat.

— Amy Hill Hearth

I do not fear, for I am protected; I do not feel superior, for I know the cut of being judged. We are all human, in all the ways that matter-but one would not know that for all the ways we become blind to each other, for the smallest trivialities.

— Marjorie M. Liu

Tragedy seems to bring out all varieties of unexpected qualities in people. It was as if some folks got dunked in plastic, vacuum-sealed like backpacking dinners, and could do nothing but sweat in their private hell. And others seemed to have just the opposite problem, as if disaster had dipped them in acid instead, stripping off the outside layer of skin that once protected them from the slings and arrows of other people's outrageous fortunes. For these sorts, just walking down the street in the wake of every stranger's ill wind became an agony, an aching slog through this man's fresh divorce and this woman's throat cancer. They were in hell, too, but it was everybody's hell, this big, shoreless, sloshing sea of toxic waste.

— Lionel Shriver

The fine wall of leaden crystal that had protected her heart - somehow numbed her into disbelief - shattered.

— Alice Sebold

The townsfolk in their darkened rooms were dazed as if by some cataclysm, some devastating earthquake, against which all wisdom and all resistance is of no avail. Such a feeling is produced every time the established order of things is upset, when security is destroyed and everything is hitherto protected by the laws of man or nature is suddenly at the mercy of wild unreasoning brutality.

— Guy De Maupassant

He observed how his feet chose each wrong turning, working against his navigational instincts, circling and repeating, and bringing on a feverish detachment. Someone older than himself paced inside his body, someone stronger too, cut loose from the common bonds of sex, of responsibility. Looking back he would remember a brief moment when time felt mute and motionless. This hour of solitary wandering seemed a gift, and part of the gift was an old greedy grammar flapping in his ears: lost, more lost, utterly lost. He felt the fourteen days of his marriage collapsing backward and becoming an invented artifact, a curved space he must learn to fit into. Love was not protected. No, it wasn't. It sat out in the open like anything else.

— Carol Shields

We know that the airports are not protected as they should be protected. The terminals are public areas, wide open - anyone can go and walk at any terminal he wants.

— Isaac Yeffet

In protecting oneself, others are protected; In protecting others, oneself is protected.

— Gautama Buddha

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