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I Am Not Worry Quotes

Not to worry, Phillip," Father OToole said. "I was just inquiring as to what authority they—" He stopped abruptly, jumping forward as the wall phone came unhinged behind him, dangling by a corner screw. "Huh," Gil pondered. "Look at that." "What happened?" Father OToole asked. "The phone fell," Gil answered. "Well, naturally! Im not blind, young man. Im asking how the phone fell!" "I blame gravity," Gil offered. (Excerpt from Whisper of Light)
— Jennifer DeLucy —

You who have never "been there" in the throes of grief, have no idea what is going on inside the head of the grieving spouse: the scattered
thoughts, the constant worry that we will forget something or someone in our fog-induced state, that strange feeling of not quite "being all there" when out in social situations, the pall that covers everything, like a cloak of sadness that never lifts.

— Mary Potter Kenyon

Jack Finney Quotes: But a doctor learns because he has to
But a doctor learns, because he has to, not to worry actively about patients until the worrying can do some good; meanwhile, they have to be walled off in a quiet compartment of the mind. They don't teach that at medical school, but it's as important as your stethoscope.

— Jack Finney

Ewan McGregor Quotes: Ultimately you have to not worry about
Ultimately, you have to not worry about people thinking you should have played him differently. You're the one playing the part so it has to be yours.

— Ewan McGregor

Well, the man who first translated the bible into English was burned at the stake, and they've been at it ever since. Must be all that adultery, murder and incest. But not to worry. It's back on the shelves.

— Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Don't worry when you meet opposition for obeying God. Worry when you don't have opposition, because you're probably not obeying God.

— Craig Groeschel

He shook his head, trying to shake the convoluted thoughts loose. He couldn't worry about it right now. Not about how Thomas felt, or how Quinn did, or even how he, himself did. They were where they were, and there were things to do. First and foremost, there was a baby to deliver.

— Breeana Puttroff

Matthew Green Quotes: Its hard to not worry because trying not
It's hard to not worry, because trying not to worry reminds me that I should be worried

— Matthew Green

How simple it is to see that all the worry in the world cannot control the future. How simple it is to see that we can only be happy now. And that there will never be a time when it is not now.

— Gerald G. Jampolsky

Seriously, I think it is a grave fault in life that so much time is wasted in social matters, because it not only takes up time when you might be doing individual private things, but it prevents you storing up the psychic energy that can then be released to create art or whatever it is. It's terrible the way we scotch silence & solitude at every turn, quite suicidal. I can't see how to avoid it, without being very rich or very unpopular, & it does worry me, for time is slipping by , and nothing is done. It isn't as if anything was gained by this social frivolity, It isn't: it's just a waste.

— Philip Larkin

Austin Kleon Quotes: Always be reading go to the library
Always be reading. Go to the library. There's magic in being surrounded by books. Get lost in the stacks. Read bibliographies. It's not the book you start with, it's the book that book leads you to. Collect books, even if you don't plan on reading them right away. Filmmaker John Waters has said, "Nothing is more important than an unread library." Don't worry about doing research. Just search.

— Austin Kleon

Cindy C. Bennett Quotes: You dont ever play games make me guess
You don't ever play games, make me guess what it is you want, or what you're thinking. You're not afraid of getting dirty, you don't worry about if your hair looks just right, or get angry about having your prom in the woods.

— Cindy C. Bennett

Do not worry about the formula.I allowed one of the members to inject me with it,so we know its components and are working on an antidote now."
"It didn't work?" Gary was appalled. He had spent a tremendous amount of time on that formula.Althought Morrison and his crew had perverted it, he was still disappointed.
"You cannot have it both ways,Gary." Exasperated, Gregori gave him a little shove toward the entrance to the hotel. "You should not want the damn thing to work."
"Hey,my reputation is on the line."
"So was mine.I neutralized the poison." Gregori nudged him again. "Get moving.

— Christine Feehan

Life's too short to worry about the little things. Enjoy what you have today, not what you might get tomorrow

— Sarah Dessen

You worry me, Catherine. You seem to think you're quite invincible."
"I'm well aware that I'm not. But I'll not spend my life cowering. That would be no life at all.

— Lorraine Heath

David Nicholls Quotes: Once you decide not to worry about that
Once you decide not to worry about that stuff anymore, dating and relationships and love and all that, it's like you're free to get on with real life.

— David Nicholls

I don't listen to what people say about me and I don't read what they write about me. People can compare me to anyone they want to, but I'm not going to worry about it.

— Eric Davis

Because I've gotten older, I worry that there will be a steep decline in my talent, but I promise not to let the same thing happen to my passion for writing.

— Pat Conroy

I try not to worry about what that's going to look like. If you worry about looking stupid, that's when you look really stupid.

— Rob Schneider

We are too quickly losing important landscapes in this country to development - and I worry that if we do not act to protect them now, future generations will grow up in a profoundly different world.

— Louis Bacon

Naoko took her left hand from her pocket and squeezed my hand. 'Don't you worry,' she said. 'You'll be O.K. You could go running all around here in the middle of the night and you'd never fall into the well. And as long as I stick with you, I won't fall in, either.'
How can you be so sure?'
I just know,' she said, increasing her grip on my hand and continuing on for a ways in silence. 'I know these things. I'm always right. It's got nothing to do with logic: I just feel it. For example, when I'm really close to you like this, I'm not the least bit scared. Nothing dark or evil could ever tempt me.'
Well, that answers that,' I said. 'All you have to do is stay with me like this all the time.

— Haruki Murakami

Will you please get that look off your face? You're gonna make me cry. Don't worry, I know you're in love with somebody else. I'm not expecting anything from you.

— Haruki Murakami

Not to worry, Phillip," Father O'Toole said. "I was just inquiring as to what authority they-" He stopped abruptly, jumping forward as the wall phone came unhinged behind him, dangling by a corner screw.
"Huh," Gil pondered. "Look at that."
"What happened?" Father O'Toole asked.
"The phone fell," Gil answered.
"Well, naturally! I'm not blind, young man. I'm asking how the phone fell!"
"I blame gravity," Gil offered. (Excerpt from Whisper of Light)

— Jennifer DeLucy

It felt like so many years' worth of anxiety and worry were trying to escape all at once-maybe like an emotional volcano, only my mom and dad, they didn't run away to save themselves but sprinted right into my lava. They both jumped up off the couch and wrapped their arms around me even though it meant touching each other. We stayed like that for a long time, and it felt good-almost enough to justify everything that had precipitated it, but not quite.

— Matthew Quick

They tell me that it will be hard to find a man strong enough to love my own strength and independence, and not worry about being Mr. Diana Ross, but I disagree. I know absolutely that that man is somewhere out there.

— Diana Ross

David Souter Quotes: What i worry about is that when problems
What I worry about is that when problems are not addressed, people will not know who is responsible.

— David Souter

José Saramago Quotes: Somewhere in the infinite that he
Somewhere in the infinite that He occupies, God advances and withdraws the pawns of the other games He plays, but it is too soon to worry about this one, all He need do for the present is allow things to take their natural course, apart from the occasional adjustment with the tip of His little finger to make sure some stray thought or action does not interfere with the harmony of destinies.

— José Saramago

The Bible says not to worry so I don't. I just get up in the morning and ask God for help to get through the day. If tomorrow shows up then I'll take the same shot tomorrow.

— Paul Henderson

Don't you think I have sense enough to worry about my motives for saying the prayer? That's exactly what's bothering me so. Just because I'm choosy about what I want - in this case, enlightenment or peace, instead or money or prestige or game or any of those things, doesn't mean I'm not as egotistical and self-seeking as everybody else. If anything, I'm more so!

— J.D. Salinger

Considering it, he realized that somehow he never worried about Miriam, and that was wrong. He did not worry about her because she seemed so self-sufficient, so strong. She was like their mother had been, only more so, much more so. But he felt it was wrong to think of a girl that way ... It was wrong for any man to consider a girl self-sufficient, for men wanted to do something for a woman and when there was nothing they could do, there was no place for love.
Love was, he suspected, much a matter of service. One loved and was loved, as one needed and was needed. Or so it seemed to him.

— Louis L’Amour

Don't worry about that," she said, spinning around. "I will get in, and be ready to give you support. But this is your play, Ladrian, not mine. You're the detective; I'm just around for the punchy-punchy, stabby-stabby."
( ... )
"She assumes," Wax said, "that our detective style isn't normally the punchy-punchy, stabby-stabby type."
"To be fair," Wayne said, "it's usually a more shooty-shooty, whacky-whacky type."
Marasi rubbed her forehead. "Why are we having this conversation?"
"Because we're tired," Wax said.

— Brandon Sanderson

She is furious with herself for her own stupidity. Opening herself up like this, voluntarily, to a lifetime of worry and anguish. It was madness. Sheer lunacy. A spectacularly foolish and baseless faith, against enormous odds, that a world you do not control will not take from you the one thing you cannot bear to lose. Faith that the world will not destroy you.

— Khaled Hosseini

My uncle used to let me pretend they were bricks," Linden says, startling me. He eases a thick hardcover from the shelf, hefts it in either hand, and then places it back. "I like to build houses out of them. They never came out exactly like I'd planned, but that's good. It taught me that there are three versions of things: the one I see in my mind, and the one that carries onto the paper, and then what it ultimately becomes."
For some reason I'm finding it difficult to meet his eyes. I nod at one of the lower shelves and say, "Maybe it's because in your mind you don't have to worry about building materials. So you're not as limited."
"That's astute," he says. He pauses. "You've always been astute about things.

— Lauren DeStefano

I am not a very timid type. It's very important to some people, but not to me. I have a simple philosophy: worry about those things you can fix. It you can't fix it, don't worry about it; accept it and do the best you can.

— Jimmy Doolittle

Seriously, if I switched on the TV and they were showing live footage of an army of fire-breathing pterodactyls machine-gunning people to death on the streets of London right outside my door, I'd be horrified, but not entirely surprised, nor any more scared than I already am. I'd probably just shrug and wait for them to smash the door down. We're so screwed, I don't even know what to worry about first.

— Charlie Brooker

Michael Scheuer Quotes: We have not destroyed al qaeda so we
We have not destroyed al Qaeda, so we still have that to worry about. We have its traditional allies, the Kashmiri groups, the groups that are operating now in Iraq, and now we have a third tier of threat amongst the Muslims that live in the West and who are inspired to do something against the West by the example of the other two tiers.

— Michael Scheuer

Mother Teresa Quotes: Do not worry about your career concern
Do not worry about your career. Concern yourself with your vocation, and that is to be lovers of Jesus.

— Mother Teresa

'Men die of the diseases which they have studied most,' remarked the surgeon, snipping off the end of a cigar with all his professional neatness and finish. 'It's as if the morbid condition was an evil creature which, when it found itself closely hunted, flew at the throat of its pursuer. If you worry the microbes too much they may worry you. I've seen cases of it, and not necessarily in microbic diseases either. There was, of course, the well-known instance of Liston and the aneurism; and a dozen others that I could mention.'

— Arthur Conan Doyle

I'm not much of a golfer, I don't have any friends and all I like to do is go home and be alone, and not worry about ways not to lose.

— Bear Bryant

Worry is useless mulling over of things we cannot change. Worry is not concern, which would motivate you to do everything possible in a situation.

— Peace Pilgrim

To be told that our child's behavior is "normal" offers little solace when our feelings are badly hurt, or when we worry that hisactions are harmful at the moment or may be injurious to his future. It does not help me as a parent nor lessen my worries when my child drives carelessly, even dangerously, if I am told that this is "normal" behavior for children of his age. I'd much prefer him to deviate from the norm and be a cautious driver!

— Bruno Bettelheim

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