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I Am No Princess Quotes

Jedi Master. What would happen if Luke ever came face to face with the Sith? If he hunted Luke down, looking for the droids, looking for the princess? Luke had had a few hours of training; Ben had had decades! And still Vader had cut the Jedi Master down with a single blow. Leaving ... nothing.
— Alexandra Bracken —

I'll give you the moon and the stars, Princess ... and maybe a city to go along with it.

— Con.Template

The extremity of her sensitivity
impressed a richly idle princely family,
of her discomfort, bothered as she had to be
by the absurd softness of the ample beddings,
not to mention the pillow piles aggravating
her much lamented acrophobic dis-ease.
[from the poem, Princess and the Pea]

— Joseph Stanton

Done coma, walking/talking,art, cookery. scouts then wrote two books, asked for help, gave a book to HRH Princess Anne, tried publisher, got another DEGREE, now Google Gillian Mk2, what else can I do?

— Gillian Firth

"You do get this kind of bossy, don't-fuck-with-my-tiara attitude when you're pissed.

— K.A. Mitchell

Young girls are told you have to be the delicate princess. Hermione taught them that you can be the warrior.

— Emma Watson

That's the way of the world: The princess can disappear, but the witch is forever.

— Orson Scott Card

Anna: Ash, I don't have anything planned with my Mother ... She's dead.
Ashley: What?
Anna: She died when I was seven. She drowned. It's just my Dad and me. I didn't tell you before because I just wanted a fresh start here, because before I moved, everybody knew about it and ... I'm sorry.
Ashley: ... You're like a Disney Princess!

— Jessi Kirby

What's so unusual about that, princess?" he asked quietly. "Do you know how your story ends?

— Cornelia Funke

That was my great ambition. Not to be Illea's princess. To be Aspen's.

— Kiera Cass

You, what are you? The brat of lucky parents who were related to a childless king. There is no such thing as royal blood. I believe we are what we make ourselves, and as such, you, Crown Princess, are nothing.

— Shannon Hale

Dodi got a lot of criticism when he began dating Princess Diana. No one seemed to think he was good enough for her.

— Lorna Luft

Gonpo Tso was born a princess. As a young woman, she dressed in fur-trimmed robes with fat ropes of coral beads strung around her neck. She lived in an adobe castle on the edge of the Tibetan plateau with a reception room large enough to accommodate the thousand Buddhist monks who once paid tribute to her father.

— Barbara Demick

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