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I Am Like Wine Quotes

The Catholic Church is like a thick steak, a glass of red wine, and a good cigar.
— G.K. Chesterton —

Traditional hedonism ... was based on the direct experience of pleasure: wine, women and song; sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll; or whatever the local variant. The problem, from a capitalist perspective, is that there are inherent limits to all this. People become sated, bored ... Modern self-illusory hedonism solves this dilemma because here, what one is really consuming are fantasies and day-dreams about what having a certain product would be like.

— David Graeber

Adrift and unmoored, she had tried again and again to throw him a rope to save him from the raging waters. And now he no longer felt like a drowning man at sea. Nora ... the siren and the goddess, the ship and the wine-dark sea. She would either save him or end him.

— Tiffany Reisz

Leonardo had felt so too. "I got her bloody smile right in the roughs," he told Crowley, sipping cold wine in the lunchtime sun, "but it went all over the place when I painted it. Her husband had a few things to say about it when I delivered it, but, like I tell him, Signor del Giocondo, apart from you, who's going to see it?

— Terry Pratchett

I'm not a crazy granola person. I like to wear beautiful clothes, and I like having a glass of wine, but it doesn't mean I don't work out every day and drink green juices.

— Phoebe Tonkin

I'm like old wine. They don't bring me out very often - but I'm well preserved.

— Rose Kennedy

The Catholic Church is like a thick steak, a glass of red wine, and a good cigar.

— G.K. Chesterton

Welcome," said the magus. "Would you like some dried beef, some dried beef, or some dried beef for lunch?" "Oh, I'll take stuffed pigeons in sauce, thank you, and some decent wine to drink. None of that cheap stuff, please." The magus handed me an almost empty paper package of dried beef and half of a loaf of bread. "Enjoy your meal," he said.

— Megan Whalen Turner

I like to be home on a Friday night. I don't go out. I don't go to clubs. It's not my thing. I sit at home with my glass of wine and watch hours of reality TV.

— Kaley Cuoco

It's only since it's been made impossible that it's been made so damn easy. It's got like prohibition, with bums and crooks making fortunes out of hooch, everyone who might have had a palate losing it, nobody caring how you hold your liquor, you've been smart enough if you get it at all. You can't make good wine in a bathtub in the cellar, you need sun and rain and fresh air, you need pride in a job you can tell the world about. Only you can live without drink if you have to, but you can't live without love.

— Mary Renault

Can you imagine anyone making wine because it tastes like strawberries?

— Ernest Hemingway

I live for makeup and I like wine. These are my truths!

— Drew Barrymore

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