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I Am Always Right Quotes

I just always want to be different - THE EXCEPTION - and this weekend knocked me right back to reality.And the reality is - I AM TRULY BLESSED ..
— Jon-Robert Holden —

Described by Harold Bloom as "the beginning of the end of the traditional novel of social morality" (xii), George Eliot's Middlemarch is nonetheless replete with a kind of authorial intervention that modern readers might find tiresome. Readers today are accustomed to the contemporary fictional maxim of "show, don't tell" but Eliot had different aesthetic ideas, for she always tells us right away who we are dealing with. At the beginning of Middlemarch, the character of one of its protagonists, Dorothea Brooke, is laid out. Eliot writes,

— George Eliot

I think that we as a people are always prone to think about, well, tomorrow will be a better day. Well, why will it be a better day? And I think the more that we believe in doing things better, doing the right thing rather than hoping that that's going to happen, let's make it happen.

— Bobby Knight

She won't understand. And when she goes over the edge, there will be nothing to pull her back."
"She will find her way back. She always does."
Tears formed, but the princess blinked them away. "For all our sakes, I hope you're right.

— Sarah J. Maas

I always do try to encourage my children to vote and at least exercise their right.

— Peter Hook

The customer is always right.

— Harry Gordon Selfridge

Man, I've been to jail. It was hell in there, but I survived, If they put me back, I'll come out again. I'm one of the world's great survivors. I'll always survive because I've got the right combination of wit, grit and bullshit.

— Don King

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