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I Act Like A Child Quotes

Want to help stop the bullying epidemic? Dont act like a bully. Dont hit, threaten, ignore, isolate, intimidate, ridicule, or manipulate your child. Children really do learn what they live ...
— L.R. Knost —

Jealousy can instigate the cruellest act, or more to the point, hatred can. Miss Bennett was the one who found Nathan lying at the bottom of the stairs in the cellar, said he must have slipped or something, especially with one leg being so much weaker than the other. They as good people never would have suspected their own daughter of pushing him. That she never showed emotion over her brother's death was put down to trauma. I could see what they could not-a child incapable of any kind of feeling apart from selfishness. I can still picture him now, lying on his stomach, his head twisted at an unnatural angle, eyes glazed like one of Rhiannon's dolls. She was then about seven years old with the face of an angel and a nature as cruel as anyone on death row.

— Tami Egonu

Want to help stop the bullying epidemic? Don't act like a bully. Don't hit, threaten, ignore, isolate, intimidate, ridicule, or manipulate your child. Children really do learn what they live ...

— L.R. Knost

You're acting like a child! was one brave reporter's response when I denied his interview.
Was I acting like child?
No, I didn't think I was. They didn't understand any of this if they thought that.
You know, sometimes I wanted to take their hands and place the truth in it. I wanted to give them everything I had. Sometimes I wanted to act like they treated me and show them how childish I could be. I wanted to give them the weight of everything I felt and let them be the goddamn judge of this shit.
Sometimes I wanted to vent, scream, and give it all away. Here, you take my talent. Take my life you feel the need to criticize every moment of the day. Take everything I have and you deal with the shit. You see what you can make of it since you seem to think I'm doing so badly.
I wanted them to feel the pressure, the inadequateness, the letdown, all of it.

— Shey Stahl

One's own family and situation are all one knows as a child. Therefore they are, by default, normal. I thought everyone had a papa who sometimes stayed awake all night writing philosophical papers, only to burn them all in a rage in the morning. It was only when I was old enough to notice that other fathers didn't act like my own that I realized the truth.

— Elizabeth Hoyt

He was revived eight times, and hanged nine.
Only after the eighth hanging were his last bits of courage and dignity gone. Only after the eight hanging did he act like a child being tortured.
For that performance, he was rewarded with what he wanted most in all this world. He was rewarded with death. He died with an erection and his feet were bare.

— Kurt Vonnegut

I'm scared and overwhelmed and my mind is racing. But," she paused and looked at him. "You're here. You just gave me hope. You also just scared the blazes out of me. I'm no longer sure that I'm the most difficult person in this relationship."
"I remain sure of it," Alain said.
"Did you just make a joke?" She pulled away a little and stared at him, smiling more like she usually did. "Are you making fun of me, Mage?"
Alain couldn't remember how long it had been since he had laughed. The act was completely alien to Mages, to the training he had endured since he was a small child. But now he laughed, the sound rusty and halting, yet he knew it was a laugh, and it felt so good to be laughing and holding Mari that Alain wondered what Mage art or other promised reward could possibly be worth giving up such things.

— Jack Campbell

This industry should behave like a mother whose child has just run out in front of a car. But instead of clasping the child to them, they start punishing the child. Like you don't dare get a cold. How dare you get a cold! I mean, the executives can get colds and stay home forever and phone it in, but how dare you, the actor, get a cold or a virus. You know, no one feels worse than the one who's sick. I sometimes wish, gee, I wish they had to act a comedy with a temperature and a virus infection.

— Marilyn Monroe

Trying to motivate yourself with fear is like screaming
at a child, "Do something, dammit!" You'll either
freeze up or act in counterproducti ve ways. Fear
widens the knowing-doing gap. Don't use it.

— Martha Beck

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