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Human Element Quotes

Our life is half natural and half technological. Half-and-half is good. You cannot deny that high-tech is progress. We need it for jobs. Yet if you make only high-tech, you make war. So we must have a strong human element to keep modesty and natural life.
— Nam June Paik —

Friendship is the greatest element in human life.

— Euginia Herlihy

The worst of having so much tact was that you never quite knew whether other people were acting naturally or being tactful too.
[The human element]

— W. Somerset Maugham

We're the blue line, sir, and that will resonate on-screen. But Peabody is the face, the very human element. And she would symbolize who we are, contrast sharply against what Renee Oberman is."
He rubbed his chin, and his lips curved a little above his fingers. "You can carve out an angle like that, an excellent angle, and believe the idea of your ass in the chair someday down the road is terrifying?" He waved off her response before she could make it. "I should have thought of it myself, should have thought it through exactly that way. I'll contact Furst."
Something inside her unknotted. "Thank you, sir."
"Don't thank me. I'm wondering why I haven't assigned you to Media and PR."
"Because, sir, I hope I've done nothing to deserve that kind of punishment.

— J.D. Robb

I like the nice guys. I like when they show the stories, the human element behind it all.

— Angela Bassett

There's just a natural human element to a great song that feels immediately satisfying. I like the song to create a mood.

— Rick Rubin

From the beginning, I wanted to make dance music with a human element to it.

— Beth Orton

The human element, the human flaw and the human nobility - those are the reasons that chess matches are won or lost.

— Viktor Korchnoi

When you have put all your faith in man and continue to be disappointed, don't you hope there is something out of there that is not of human element?

— Natalie Cole

We are not separate. Our sense of separateness is superficial and exist only in the physical dimension. In our human element, we are not separate; we're very much connected. Every other human being is just as precious as we are, and worthy of as much respect and love and consideration. This understanding needs to manifest in our conduct in each moment. This is the part of the Work that will transform you.

— A. H. Almaas

[F]or Zen there is no duality, no conflict between the natural element of chance and the human element of control. The constructive powers of the human mind are no more artificial than the formative actions of plants or bees, so that from the standpoint of Zen it is no contradiction to say that artistic technique is discipline in spontaneity and spontaneity in discipline.

— Alan W. Watts

Science fails to recognize the single most potent element of human existence ... faith.

— Serj Tankian

I'm aware of the luck in [BABIP], but at the same time, you can't directly influence it. You can just keep mixing your patterns, executing and locating, That's the human element of this game.

— Max Scherzer

I don't know how we could use it to improve the job that umpires do, ... The human element in sport has always been a big part of the game. I'm a football fan, too, and I hate instant replay in the NFL. Football games are taking four hours.

— Bud Selig

Why, then, does water-form the very basis of life in all life's various manifestations? Because water embraces everything is in and all through everything; because it rises above the distinctions between plants and animals and human beings; because it is a universal element shared by all; itself undetermined, yet determining; because, like the primal mother it is, it supplies the stuff of life to everything living.

— Theodor Schwenk

For me the working of hair is architecture with a human element.

— Vidal Sassoon

I can't talk about - as eloquently as everyone else about a prevention or medicine or, you know, funding, but I can talk about the human element, which is the main part of AIDS, because it comes to the human being and how they are being treated, what medicines they are on and what medicines they are not on.

— Elton John

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