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How Sad Quotes

Stop crying. Stop sitting in the dark counting out all your individual feelings about how sad and lonely you are. Wake up ( ... ) Youre not the only person in this world who doesnt want to get out of bed in the morning ( ... ) You can be whoever the hell you want to be now ( ... ) So make a choice. Make a choice and stop wasting everyones time. Stop eating your own time. Okay?
— Tahereh Mafi —

Some few of my brothers had walked among humans and dared to love human women. These Nephilim loved fiercely and deeply. It seemed to me they had been struck with a sickness, or taken prisoner, and I dared to pity them. How sad, I thought, to Fall because of love. Until it happened to me.

— Vicki Keire

You don't ever know how happy you are until you remember how sad you once were and vice versa. Nothing is anything until I decide to hold nothing next to something, and declare that I see a difference.

— Andrea Seigel

How sad that I felt more of a connection to a fictional character than to a guy in real life.

— Allison Van Diepen

How sad, he thought, that desire found new objects but did not abate, that when it came to longing there was no end.

— Allegra Goodman

You took angel blood. You took a small dose, so the change on your body is small, but ... I can see from your face that you're changing. With injections from Icoru, you'll become a monster. You'll become immortal ... Even though, you'll be no longer human. Already, you're becoming a monster. How sad. You have but one life to live, and you throw it away on this.

— Kaori Ozaki

How thin the air felt at the forest's edge, how ghostly the trees that guarded their realm ... The whole world seemed as delicate as a dandelion seed, and as fleeting ... How sad to know that the figment village of my imagination would not vanish when I ended, to understand that it was not I who had invented the moon the first time I realized how lovely it was. To admit that it was not my breath that made the winds blow ... [M]y heart, my heart knew that when I closed my eyes I invented the night sky and the stars too. Wasn't the whole dome of the sky the same shape as the inside of my skull? Didn't I create the sun and the day when I raised my eyelids every morning?

— Martine Leavitt

How sad, the dependability of greed to make men fools.

— Pierce Brown

How sad," she whispered to herself. He heard it. "What?" She shook her head, meeting his gaze, the only thing familiar about him. "He's gone." "Who?" "My friend.

— Sarah MacLean

How sad. A leader bereft of followers. An angel with severed wings. A warrior without a sword." Beliel circles Raffe like a shark as he taunts him. "You have nothing left."
"He has me," I say.

— Susan Ee

Tragedy, no matter how sad, becomes boring to those not caught in its addictive caress.

— Maya Angelou

I thought to myself, How sad to have to earn your living like that, by pretending to like everyone until you forget what it really feels like genuinely to enjoy someone's company as a friend, not just as a potential customer. Contrived emotion (What am I supposed to feel now?) replaces genuine emotion (How do I really feel about this person?) until the ability to know what you are really feeling disappears.

— Harold S. Kushner

There are no words to express how sad and devastated I am. I have lost one of my dearest friends, and the industry has lost a giant.

— Farrah Fawcett

How sad, that the group with the most access to the truth chose in several strategic instances to look the other way.

— John Ashcroft

How sad that we can now go up in aeroplanes and see that there are no gods upon the clouds.

— Gavin Pretor-Pinney

It's ignorant! The stereotype is guys that are weak and have failing relationships write about how sad they are. If you listen to our songs, not one of them has that tone. Emo is bullshit! If people want to take it for the literal sense of the word, then yes, we're an emotional band, we put a lot of thought into what we do. People always try to stereotype us, but we don't fit the emo stereotype.

— Brendon Urie

I chose the songs for the music more than for the lyrical content and it wasn't until the end of the recording and when we were trying to decide running order that I realized how sad a lot of the songs could sound.

— Vashti Bunyan

Goodness, how sad is our Russia!

— Nikolai Gogol

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