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He Never Cared About Me Quotes

The America that never cared or felt guilty about portraying us as undignified people on their television screen, or in some old history book that never stated truthfully the facts of our invasion or the cruelty we had to endure for generations.
— Leonard Peltier —

I was never a watering pot before I met Charles," he [Tris] sobbed. "It's all his fault."
"You never cared before you met Charles," Derek said quietly "You never loved before you met Charles.

— Rowan Speedwell

Why have you always cared so much about these tiny worlds?" "Why have you never?" He had once. When she'd cared about him. He'd made himself small for her and walked in her manner, tending small things. But being small was so much more complicated than being God.

— Karen Marie Moning

I have never cared about setting world records, or filling my boat with fish, or, for that matter, even catching fish. I go for the experience of spending six hours in the arms of the ocean, never thinking of a single thing except chasing fish.

— Jimmy Buffett

Those doves below, the ones utterly cared for, never endangered ones, cannot know tenderness.

— Rainer Maria Rilke

I never cared about making one coherent masterpiece with a conventional narrative. I always wanted my movies to have images falling from all directions in a vaudevillian way. If you didn't like what was happening in one scene, you could just snooze through it until the next scene.

— Harmony Korine

Two things an officer must do, to lead men. This from old Ames, who never cared about love: You must care for your men's welfare. You must show physical courage. Well,

— Jeff Shaara

I need relationships, but sometimes when I am in one I feel claustrophobic. It is about feeling that I still have my freedom, that I have choices. I don't look back on the past because I like to live in the present. I know this makes some people think I probably never cared, but I need my freedom and I like to keep moving.

— Juliette Binoche

He built up a situation that was far enough from the truth. It never occurred to him that Helen was to blame. He forgot the intensity of their talk, the charm that had been lent him by sincerity, the magic of Oniton under darkness and of the whispering river. Helen loved the absolute. Leonard had been ruined absolutely, and had appeared to her as a man apart, isolated from the world. A real man, who cared for adventure and beauty, who desired to live decently and pay his way, who could have travelled more gloriously through life than the Juggernaut car that was crushing him.

— E. M. Forster

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