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He Is Hot Quotes

Weve been chatting about our men and wedding stuff. Terah says, "God, sometimes I look at Jon and think how the Hell did I manage to get you? Were so lucky." Mom adds, "They are very handsome." Terah and I scoff. Shaking my head, I say, "Handsome is something. And Nox is handsome most times. But, by God, he is hot. Hotter than Hell, Mom. I never thought I could love someone so much. I can hardly keep my hands off him." Mom chastises on a gasp, "Lily! Thats inappropriate! Youre a lady and ladies do not speak that way." Terah chuckles, "Screw being a lady. I love my special cuddle time with Jon." Mom covers her ears, but barks out an embarrassed laugh, "I cannot hear this! You girls can clean the rest up while I powder my nose." Terah and I chuckle, watching her leave.
— Belle Aurora —

When they were all ready, Halpern again counted them in, and the lyrical clarinet line floated over the strings and, Max felt, out of the open window and on, out and out over the hot, dusty July city like summer rain.

— Lucy Beckett

Am I hot?" He asked gently, voice only just breaking the silence. I jerked my head up, eyes open to look at him. I couldn't believe the question.
"Oh God, Dominic." I choked on the want that was balling in my throat, and blinked hard. "You're magnificent.

— Vee Hoffman

Loving someone isn't a hard task, it's not a chore, you don't wake up one day and decide to break their heart because you got all hot and bothered, that doesn't happen! he boomed.

— Holly Hood

Really? So Chris turning the water ice cold while I was in the shower was friendly?'
'Gabriel paid him twenty bucks to do that.'
Hunter smiled.
Nick added, 'And then he felt like a moron when I told him he could have just turned off the hot water in the basement ... '
Hunter laughed softly.

— Brigid Kemmerer

There were no glimmering moments where their looks hooked on to each other and grew hot, and no catching sight of one of the boys in a ray of sun and thinking, I wonder what his skin tastes like.

— Stephanie Perkins

If the weather is summer in your mind, even the coldest winter will be hot for you! If the weather is winter in your mind, even the hottest summer will be cold for you!

— Mehmet Murat Ildan

In my 20s, I wanted to be hot; now I want to be healthy.

— Camila Alves

Do you believe in an afterlife?" the gunslinger asked him as Brown dropped three ears of hot corn onto his plate.
Brown nodded. "I think this is it.

— Stephen King

Hot chocolate in Central Park! What was the Dark Tower compared to that?

— Stephen King

I guess men like me - somebody out there must think I'm hot.

— Jennifer Sky

I don't want to be wondering about how skinny I am, wondering what I'm going to eat because I don't want to gain and I want to look hot and young, always and forever.

— Heidi Klum

Your boyfriend's crazy," he said to Clary.
"Yeah, but he's hot," said Clary. "So there's that.

— Cassandra Clare

If I think she' hot and it turns out she's a psychopath, then what does that say about me? I'm totally not ready for that kind of therapy.

— Barry Lyga

For now, these hot days, is the mad blood stirring.

— William Shakespeare

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