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He Got Me Like Quotes

I worked thirteen years, got me nowhere. I feel like I tried it their way, and to hell with them. Now Im going to try it my way.
— Lee Child —

The wind was against them now, and Piglet's ears streamed behind him like banners as he fought his way along, and it seemed hours before he got them into the shelter of the Hundred Acre Wood and they stood up straight again, to listen, a little nervously, to the roaring of the gale among the treetops.
'Supposing a tree fell down, Pooh, when we were underneath it?'
'Supposing it didn't,' said Pooh after careful thought.

— Milne, A. A.

Victor, back there in that basement, when the zombies were ... were ... moving around on those tables ... . Twitching? And dead? You didn't even blink.
This is nothing like those zombies.
No shit. Because this time, you're scared-beyond scared. You're terrified. And whatever's got you scared? I don't want any part of it.

— Jordan Castillo Price

Teenagers are like atoms when they're moving at hundreds of miles an hour and bouncing off each other. Everybody's got such a crazy hormonal drive and reacting to each other differently and getting upset over little things. High school puts all these potential explosions in one place.

— Anton Yelchin

You ever get gut feelings? Like you see something and you just know?" Ty asked, feeling stupid but not caring. He felt Zane squeeze his hand. "First time I saw you, after I got over hating you, I knew ... I knew we'd die together. I could just feel it deep down. Never felt that before.

— Abigail Roux

No one would ever demand compensation to keep people alive. You make us sound like monsters, as if people wouldn't help others unless they got something out of it.

— Michael J. Sullivan

I think when I got drawn to film, I didn't know it was a business. I mean, like most filmmakers, I probably saw more films than a lot of people when I was a kid. But I watched them on TV as well. I was no purist about it. I spent lots of time in movie theaters, but I also watched a lot of films on TV.

— Allison Anders

When I was growing up and listening to bands like the Dave Clark Five, the groove was what initially got me going. I really like that funky, heavy groove.

— Eddie Van Halen

Comic books, if you're adapting a comic book - like X-Men, for example - you've got 40 years of amazing stories to dig into, things that incredible artists have been thinking about for decades.

— David Hayter

I've got bills to pay like everyone else. I'm a high-earner but I don't see myself as rich. I know in some people's eyes I probably am, but I will always have to work. My son Matt asked me if we were rich the other day and I told him that in my view, being rich is not having to get up to go to work. I can't see myself ever being in that position.

— Steve McFadden

It's Good ... But
No more rush hour driving
To start and end your day
No more early alarm calls
But..much less pay
No more back stabbing
Or rising to the bait
No more phone calls from the boss
Asking you to work late
But ... having to get by
On half your hourly rate
Now you have all day
To sit or doze to stay to go
Anywhere you like ...
You've got less dough
Travel around the world
Do anything you've desired
But do it economically
Now that you're retired

— John Walter Bratton

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