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Haven't Slept Quotes

To be fair he is Lord Byron," Jane said. "I dont know many people who havent slept with him at one time or another." Jane Fairfax
— Michael Thomas Ford —

Mollie, tell me what happened. I haven't slept in two days." "Guilty conscience?" "Yes!" he bellowed. "I never should have let you stay in that church so long! I wish I'd thrown you over my shoulder and dragged you to my house that first night." He tried to wrap his arms around her, but a stiff arm kept him at bay. The expression in her eyes was even worse. "For pity's sake, talk to me. Scream at me, hit me . . . just quit glaring like that.

— Elizabeth Camden

He came back, sat on the ledge again, and handed her a glass. "You haven't slept; you haven't eaten."
"It goes with the territory." The wine tasted like liquid gold. "Nonetheless, you worry me, Lieutenant."
"You worry too easily."
"I love you." It flustered her to hear him say it in that lovely voice that hinted of Irish mists, to know that somehow, incredibly, it was true. Since she had no answer to give him, she frowned into her wine.

— J.D. Robb

Is there any exceptionally beautiful woman you haven't slept with?"
"I'll make you a list. So, you knocked her down.

— J.D. Robb

It gets too hot in there after a long test," he told Ehren. "The air gets all squishy." "It's called humidity, Tavi," Ehren said. "I haven't slept in almost two days. It's squishy.

— Jim Butcher

Working exterior nights in Vancouver, when it's raining and snowing, is a little daunting, when you haven't slept.

— Jeffrey Dean Morgan

To be fair he is Lord Byron," Jane said. "I don't know many people who haven't slept with him at one time or another."
Jane Fairfax

— Michael Thomas Ford

I can't keep a baby," A.J. says firmly. "I haven't slept in two nights. She's a terrorist! She wakes up at, like, insane times. Three forty-five in the morning seems to be when her day begins. I live alone. I'm poor. You can't raise a baby on books alone.

— Gabrielle Zevin

I haven't slept properly for 12 years because of this bloody game. I don't think you do in a competitive game. You toss and turn and you don't sleep.

— Colin Montgomerie

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