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Hated By Most Quotes

I hated high school. I was not the greatest student, participated in no activities, and spent most of my time hanging out in my parking lot.
— Sarah Dessen —

After girls we talked about the officers, and which ones hated us most that week, and how we never did anything to deserve it, and they were just assholes, and if they didn't have those stripes on their shoulders, they wouldn't be so tough. Man-to-man we could take them. That was all talk too, I guess.

— Lisa Henry

Most hated by the dark, for their name is light.

— Guy Gavriel Kay

It was a terrible battle. The most dreadful of all Bilbo's experiences, and the one which at the time he hated most-which is to say it was the one he was most proud of, and most fond of recalling long afterwards, although he was quite unimportant in it. Actually I may say he put on his ring early in the business, and vanished from sight, if not from all danger. A magic ring of that sort is not a complete protection in a goblin charge, nor does it stop flying arrows and wild spears; but it does help in getting out of the way, and it prevents your head from being specially chosen for a sweeping stroke by a goblin swordsman.

— J.R.R. Tolkien

We have the whole concept of popularity backward. We imagine it as a small and exclusive club of people we idolize or envy. But most popular people are hated by the majority. So, if you are despised by everyone outside your little clique, and liked only by those inside it, you are vastly unpopular by any objective measure. The key to ultimate popularity is not to be loved or envied by as many people as possible but to be loved or envied by the right people.

— Tonya Hurley

Liver is my number one most hated food. Oh, God, I get sick talking about it!

— Guy Fieri

We all smiled, but not that much, and frowned but rarely cried. Nobody could succeed here, but most people around me seemed to be okay with that . It meant they wouldn't fail either.
I didn't want to be like them. And at the same time, I was beginning to forget how to be different, how to be my own self. It was the feeling of being swallowed up, and I hated it.

— Jennifer A. Nielsen

If I'm on set and there's no other option, I get on a treadmill, but that's my most hated thing.

— Anna Kendrick

He thought about his people without sentimentalily, with a strick closing of his accounts with life, beginning to understand how much he really loved the people he hated the most.

— Gabriel Jose Garcia Marquez

I know I have plenty of enemies, but I'd rather be the most-hated winning coach in the country than the most-popular losing one.

— Adolph Rupp

There are so many things Blair doesn't get about me, so many things she ultimately overlooked, and things that she would never know, and there would always be a distance between us because there were too many shadows everywhere. Had she ever made promises to a faithless reflection in the mirror? Had she ever cried because she hated someone so much? Had she ever craved betrayal to the point where she pushed the crudest fantasies into reality, coming up with sequences that she and nobody else could read, moving the game as you play it? Could she locate the moment she went dead inside? Does she remember the year it took to become that way? The fades, the dissolves, the rewritten scenes, all the things you wipe away-I now want to explain all these things to her but I know I never will, the most important one being: I never liked anyone and I'm afraid of people.

— Bret Easton Ellis

Kugel had discovered of late that he was gluten intolerant ... It was difficult to avoid wheat, and gluten-free food was terribly expensive, but Kugel now thought it wonderfully appropriate that matzoh - the most hated food of his youth - was the one he, as an adult, would find he was allergic to, the one that his body was actually incapable of processing, the one that the lining of his gut identified as poison.
His stomach was anti-Semitic.
His bowels had assimilated.
His rectum was self-hating.
Anne Frank would be pleased.
His mother would be disappointed.

— Shalom Auslander

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