Happiness Comes From Inside Quotes

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Happiness Comes From Inside Quotes

Real happiness comes from inside. Nobody can give it to you.
— Sharon Stone —

Take risks! That is really what life is about. We must pursue our own happiness. Nobody has ever lived our lives; ther are no guidelines. Trust your instincts. Accept nothing but the best. But then also look for it carefully. Don't allow it to slip between your fingers. Sometimes, good things come to us in a such a quiet fashion. And nothing comes complete. It is what we make of whatever we encounter that determines the outcome. What we choose to see, what we choose to save. And what we choose to remember. Never foget that all the love in your life is there, inside you, always.

— Linda Olsson

Happiness in something you need to search for, It comes from inside. You can pull it out from inside by satisfaction and acceptance.

— Vijay Dhameliya

Can writing ever be taught? The best answer to that was given obliquely by the rock musician David Lee Roth. When asked if money could buy happiness he said, no, but with money you could buy the big boat and go right up to where the people were happy. With a teacher you can go right up to where the writing is done; the leap is made alone with vision, subject, passion, and instinct. So a writer comes to the page with vision in her heart and craft in her hands and a sense of what a story might be in her head. How do the three come together? My thesis is the old one: they merge in the physical writing-inside the act of writing, not from the outside. The process is the teacher.

— Ron Carlson

She believed that owning a lots of things made you a better person. She didn't know - possibly didn't want to know - that happiness comes from the inside.

— Dorothy Koomson

When it comes to happiness, our soul is like a colander, a tire with a nail in it, our grandfather's memory. It feels like there is a homeless person inside of us, wandering around pushing a shopping cart.

— John Eldredge

There is this unbounded, infinite, eternal, level, ocean, within every human being. Inner happiness comes with consciousness, bliss, intelligence comes with it. Creativity, love.
Human beings have a potential and it has names like enlightenment or fulfilment, or liberation.
True happiness is not out there, true happiness lies within.
They say beauty is only skin deep but it's this stuff coming from the inside, absolute vibrant consciousness, absolute bliss

— David Lynch

Happiness doesn't come from external circumstances. It comes from the inside-regardless of what is happening around us.

— Dieter F. Uchtdorf

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