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Half Caste Quotes

At school, I used to hear, Youre a half-caste. Theyd laugh at my figure and say, Are you a boy or a girl?
— Jane Birkin —

Those whose eyes twenty-five and more years before had seen "the glory of the coming of the Lord," saw in every present hindrance or help a dark fatalism bound to bring all things right in His own good time. The mass of those to whom slavery was a dim recollection of childhood found the world a puzzling thing: it asked little of them, and they answered with little, and yet it ridiculed their offering. Such a paradox they could not understand, and therefore sank into listless indifference, or shiftlessness, or reckless bravado. There were, however, some-such as Josie, Jim, and Ben-to whom War, Hell, and Slavery were but childhood tales, whose young appetites had been whetted to an edge by school and story and half-awakened thought. Ill could they be content, born without and beyond the World. And their weak wings beat against their barriers,-barriers of caste, of youth, of life; at last, in dangerous moments, against everything that opposed even a whim.

— W.E.B. Du Bois

Positive social awareness among the South African educated half-caste is zero. Teaching is a mechanical job. The best way of earning a living.

— Peter Abrahams

Materialism has come to the rescue of India in a certain sense by throwing open the doors of life to everyone, by destroying the exclusive privileges of caste, by opening up to discussion the inestimable treasures which were hidden away in the hands of a very few who have even lost the use of them. Half has been stolen and lost; and the other half which remains is in the hands of men who, like dogs in the manger, do not eat themselves and will not allow others to do so.

— Swami Vivekananda

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