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Had I Know Quotes

I always stay out of the rehearsal room you know when they first come in. Then once they had chance to play a little bit, then I walk in. Because Ive seen guys fall apart.
— Ray Charles —

I alone know how to mourn for him as he deserves.' But while we were still shaking hands, such a look of awful desolation came upon her face that I perceived she was one of those creatures that are not the playthings of Time. For her he had died only yesterday. And, by Jove! the impression was so powerful that for me, too, he seemed to have died only yesterday
nay, this very minute. I saw her and him in the same instant of time
his death and her sorrow
I saw her sorrow in the very moment of his death. Do you understand? I saw them together
I heard them together.

— Joseph Conrad

I don't know why people are so down on the Best Western. They have the best sweet potato fries I've ever had.

— Carey Mulligan

By the time I was 23 or 24 and had written the first manuscript of 'The Final Winter', I knew I wanted to make it a career but didn't know how. It took me a long time to grow into myself, but when my love of writing returned, it did so with an enormous amount of venom. It is now a mainstay in my life.

— Matthew Nable

She had the top down and I could smell everything in those woods, and you know what an old fine smell that is, like something which has been mostly left alone and is not much troubled.
("Mrs. Todd's Shortcut")

— Stephen King

You should know how many incompetent men I had to compete with-in vain.

— Inge Lehmann

Well, one time some attractive woman sat next to Charlie and asked him what he owed his success to, and, unfortunately, she insisted on a one word answer. He had a speech prepared that would have gone on for several hours. But when forced to boil it down to one word, he said that was "rational". You know, he comes equipped for rationality, and he applies it in business. He doesn't always apply it elsewhere, but he applies it in business and that has made him a huge business success.

— Warren Buffett

I have had enough experience in all my years, and have read enough of the past, to know that advice to grandchildren is usually wasted.

— Harry S. Truman

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