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Guys That Cry Quotes

I slept far more heavily than I had expected or intended, waking when the room was dark. Surprised that Luke hadnt made a sound, I reached for him and felt a thrill of panic as my hand found nothing but empty space. "Luke!" I scrambled upward, gasping. "Hey ... " Jack entered the room and turned on the light. "Easy. Its okay, Ella." His voice was soothing and soft. "The baby woke up before you did. I took him to the other room to let you get a little more sleep. Weve been watching a game." "Did he cry?" I asked thickly, rubbing my eyes. "Only when he realized the Astros were having another first-round play-off flameout. But I told him theres no shame in crying over the Astros. Its how we Houston guys bond." -Ella & Jack
— Lisa Kleypas —

I've been here for you all along. I've listened to you cry about other guys, I rescue you, take care of you when you're sick, hug you when you're sad, tell you you're beautiful when you look terrible." He looks me straight in the eyes and is dead serious when he says, "Princess, I've always been the one.

— Jillian Dodd

Victor: You guys have some kind of rallying cry? You know, "Avengers assemble?" "It's clobberin' time?" "Hulk smash?"
Nico: "Try not to die.

— Brian K. Vaughan

Only comedies can get you that engaged in a movie, dramas people just sort of sit there and eat their popcorn and nothing really happens, they might cry a little bit, but that's it. Horror movies are talking at the screen, guys are elbowing each other, laughing at each other because they got scared. That's the beauty of a horror movie.

— Bruce Campbell

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